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Emotional Wellness: The Other Half of Treating Cancer

Niki Barr, PhD
Guest Bio
Guest Bio: Niki Barr, PhD
Niki Barr, Ph.D. founded a pioneering psychotherapy practice dedicated to working with cancer patients in all stages of the disease, along with their family members, caregivers and friends. She is the author of Emotional Wellness: The Other Half of Treating Cancer.

In her book, she describes an "emotional wellness toolbox" patients can put together with effective and simple strategies, ready to use at any time, for helping them move forward through cancer. Dr. Barr is a dynamic and popular speaker, sharing her insights with cancer patients and clinicians across the nation.
If you or somebody you love has ever dealt with cancer, then you know that emotional well-being is half the battle.

Medical treatments for cancer continue to advance, yet tools to help cancer patients address their emotional health still lag behind.

Now, physicians and psychologists are beginning to realize that healing is improved - sometimes greatly improved - when both the physical and emotional needs of patients are served.

In Emotional Wellness: The Other Half of Treating Cancer, cancer psychotherapist Niki Barr describes the emotional side of treatment to guide you through diagnosis, medical treatment, and beyond. Join Niki and Dr. Mike as they discuss this life-changing topic.
  • Original Air Date Thursday, 09 May 2013
  • Book Title Emotional Wellness: The Other Half of Treating Cancer
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  • Host Dr. Michael Smith, MD

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