Pawpaw: The Next Generation Cancer Therapy?

Summary:Asimina tribola, also known as Pawpaw, may be the next generation alternative cancer therapy.
Air Date: 5/30/13
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. Michael Smith, MD
Pawpaw: The Next Generation Cancer Therapy?
Have you heard of Pawpaw?

Its scientific name is Asimina tribola and it falls under the same plant family as the custard-apple, cherimoya, sweetsop, ylang-ylang and soursop.

Pawpaw takes center stage in Lorene Benoit’s natural program for understanding, preventing and working with cancer.

It works by inhibiting energy supply to cancer cells, preventing cancer cell DNA and RNA replication and by blocking the creation of new blood cells which can prevent cancer cell spread and growth.

Join Dr. Mike to learn if this might be an option in your cancer regimen.


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