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Calories In, Calories Out: The 250 Weight Loss Rule

Summary: Follow this simple weight loss rule for one week and lose one pound. No pills, no strict diets; just a simple 4th grade math equation to apply.
Air Date: June 27, 2013
Duration: 10 Minutes
Host: Dr. Michael Smith, MD
Calories In, Calories Out: The 250 Weight Loss Rule
You’re probably tired of all the silly diet claims shown on TV. And trust us, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

The reality is that you can’t lose weight "miraculously." No amount of creams or wraps will shrink your waist; neither will wishful thinking.

Why? Because losing weight takes hard work.

So if you're looking for a weight loss strategy that will actually work, start here. Weight = calories in - calories out.

Join Dr. Mike to find out what the 250 weight loss rule is and why it works!

For more information, read Dr. Mike's blog.


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