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Sitting Kills. Moving Heals.

Joan Vernikos
Guest Bio
Guest Bio: Joan Vernikos
Joan VernikosJoan Vernikos, Ph.D., is a pioneering medical research scientist who has conducted seminal studies in space medicine, inactivity physiology, stress and healthy aging.

One of the founders of the field of space medicine, Vernikos began work at NASA in 1964 and served as Life Sciences Director at the NASA Ames Research Center from 1986 to 1993 and Director of the Life Sciences Division at NASA headquarters from 1993 to 2000.
While the technologies of modern times have given us improved quality of life and vastly increased life-expectancy, they have not come without costs.

Effectively, your mind is over-loaded with information while your physical body is under-loaded, despite the seeming increase in "exercise."

Dr. Joan Vernikos, research scientist and former director of NASA's Life Sciences Division, presents a comprehensive explanation as to why Americans are so unhealthy — and delivers the solution: an easy-to-follow, scientifically proven plan to restore Americans' health.
  • Original Air Date Thursday, 05 December 2013
  • Host Dr. Michael Smith, MD

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