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Hypnosis: Real Relief from Chronic Pain

Michael Ellner, CMHT
Guest Bio
Guest Bio: Michael Ellner, CMHT
Michael Ellner 1Michael Ellner is a certified medical hypnotist and self-help coach in private practice in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Michael has 30-plus years experience as a medical hypnotist. In addition to his private practice, he was a featured instructor of accredited, CME courses in Hypnotic Pain Relief.

Mindfulness Based Stress Management, and Effective Medical Communication at the annual PAINWeek medical conference (2005 to 2012.)

He is the co-author of several books, Hope is Realistic - A PHYSICIAN'S GUIDE TO HELPING PATIENTS TAKE SUFFERING OUT OF PAIN focuses on helping physicians teach and motivate their patients to utilize mind-body exercises for helping them take the suffering out of their pain
Some people believe that hypnosis and other mind-body techniques hold the key to stopping chronic pain, without having to take dangerous drugs.

But do they really work?

Michael Ellner, certified medical hypnotist and self-help coach, joins Dr. Mike to discuss how you can use hypnosis and other mind-body techniques to live a healthy, pain-free life.

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