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Steps to Take after Being Diagnosed with a Serious Condition

Summary: Learn to meet the challenges of your illness and minimize the aggravation of the current healthcare maze.
Air Date: January 09, 2014
Duration: 10 Minutes
Host: Dr. Michael Smith, MD
Guest Bio: Dr. Melissa E. Clarke, MD
Melissa ClarkeMelissa E. Clarke, MD, is a Harvard-educated physician for over 20 years, healthcare educator, and patient advocate.

Her new book, Excuse Me, Doctor! I've Got What?, helps consumers make educated decisions regarding conventional and alternative healthcare practitioners, hospitals, insurance, financial options, and self-care strategies under the new Affordable Care Act.
When you first receive the upsetting news that you have a serious condition such as cancer, you naturally feel distressed.

After the initial anger, fear, and sadness, you often feel overwhelmed and lost.

You may be at a loss at what steps to take next.

Dr. Melissa E. Clarke, a Harvard-educated physician for over 20 years, joins Dr. Mike to discuss steps you should take after being diagnosed with a serious condition.

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