Why You Eat What You Eat

Summary: How do genetics and emotions lead you to eat certain foods?
Air Date: 2/17/16
Duration: 10
Host: Mike Smith, MD
Guest Bio: Cliff Thomas, MD
Dr. Cliff ThomasCliff Thomas, MD, is a dad, surgeon, entrepreneur, author and lover of life. He uses his skill-set to help change lives and heal. His perspectives on healthy eating and nutrition come not because he's an MD, but from more than 30 years of his experiences as an MD. He was mentored at an early age by an uncle that was an amazing healer. Although his uncle was an excellent surgeon, he knew that many times patients did not require a surgery, a shot, or a pill. They just needed someone to listen and understand. Throughout medical school, residency, and private practice the gastrointestinal tract function and malfunction drew Dr. Thomas's most passionate attention. His experiences were a wide range as he found the human body so amazing. He occasionally ventured off in other directions, but found his skill-set fit the GI tract the best. His experiences with trauma, pediatric surgery, and major burns taught him a lot about nutrition and how the body responds to nutrition. He found that the patients often needed more than a pill, a diet, or a surgery. Following surgery, he would see patients one-on-one listening to the challenges of merging day-to-day habits with new eating habits. Dr. Thomas's understanding has evolved way beyond “one diet fits all.” He credits the thousands of patients that taught him how to share game changing perspectives on eating healthy, nutrition, weight loss, and how to change eating habits.
Why You Eat What You Eat
There is no miracle solution to weight loss. The latest cleanse or elimination diet won't shed the pounds and keep them off.

Learning better eating habits can help you lose the weight. Some foods give you an energy boost, and some foods make you drag. When you are aware of the foods that work for YOU, you will be on the path to success.

How do genetics and emotions lead you to eat certain foods?

Dr. Cliff Thomas joins Dr. Mike to discuss how your eating habits are influenced by genetics and emotions.


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