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5 Top Skin Care Myths

Myth: Toothpaste is a good spot treatment for a pimple.
Guest: Crystal Wellman, Licensed Master Aesthetician

6 Tips for Perfect Skin on Your Wedding Day

For healthy, glowing skin, follow these six steps and leave little for your photographer to re-touch.
Guest: Crystal Wellman, Licensed Master Aesthetician

Why Women Strive to Look Thinner than "Normal"

Why in the world is a size 4 considered to be fat?
Guest: Ann Kearney-Cooke, PhD

Are You Going through a Midlife Crisis?

Physiological changes as you age are hard to accept, especially for women, since many women identify themselves by how attractive they are.
Guest: Ann Kearney-Cooke, PhD

5 Surprising Consequences Linked to Snoring

There are five attention grabbing health consequences that could result from you not getting a good night's rest.
Guest: Barb Dehn, NP

Raging Appetite & Food Cravings? Blame Stress

Have you noticed stressed is "desserts" spelled backwards? Think there might be some connection?
Guest: Mache Seibel, MD

7 Steps to a Healthier Life after 40

Instead of dreading life after 40, learn how you can embrace it.
Guest: Mache Seibel, MD

How to Deal with Pain & Suffering

Is there a way to turn your pain into positivity?
Guest: Nikhil Joshi, MD

Flibanserin: New Viagra for Women?

Why are there are so many sexual enhancement drugs available for men and zero for women?
Guest: Lauren Streicher, MD

Is Your Weight Affecting Your Sex Life?

What if your weight -- or your diabetes -- is affecting your ability to have an orgasm?
Guest: Lauren Streicher, MD
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