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Thyroid Disease: How to Perform a Thyroid Neck Self-Exam

Around 200 million people worldwide, 59 million Americans, suffer from some form of thyroid condition.
Expert: Marita Teng, MD

Battle of The Sexes: The Difference Between Weight Loss Success in Men and Women

Research confirms that it's harder for women to reach weight goal
Expert: Harland Holman, MD

What Happens To Your Fat When You Lose Weight?

If fat doesn't turn into heat or energy (what scientists and doctors previously thought happened), what does happen to it?
Expert: Ruben Meerman, PhD

Binge Eating Disorder and Emotional Eating: Do You Know The Difference?

Binge eating disorder affects approximately one-five percent of the general population.
Expert: Kelly Klump, PhD

Can Your Menstrual Cycle Cause an Eating Disorder?

Your menstrual cycle causes you to increase your food intake naturally, which can lead to a negative reaction as your weight fluctuates.
Expert: Kelly Klump, PhD

No End in Sight: The Right Way to Reach Your Goals

Are you approaching your goals in the wrong way?
Expert: Gabriele Oettingen, PhD

Rethinking Your Positive Goal-Setting Attitude

Your positive attitude might be working against you and getting in the way of your goals.
Expert: Gabriele Oettingen, PhD

10 Things You Need to Know About Your Thyroid

January is Thyroid Awareness Month. Do you know the important role your thyroid plays in your health?
Expert: Theodore C. Friedman, MD, PhD

Medicine of Empowerment: Finding Strength in Your Inner Guide

Learn about this new approach to women's health and wellness that addresses the empowerment of women's bodies, minds and spirits.
Expert: Christiane Northrup, MD

Goddesses Never Age: The Secret to Ageless Living

Growing older is inevitable, but aging is optional.
Expert: Christiane Northrup, MD
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Michelle King Robson
Founder and CEO of and MKR Media, LLC. She is a nationally-recognized women's health and wellness advocate and has combined a successful track record as a business woman and entrepreneur. With nearly two decades of civic and community leadership, focusing on her personal passion for improving women's health to lead what is today one of the fastest-growing social health companies in the world.

Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP
Dr. Pamela Peeke is an internationally recognized expert, physician, scientist and author in the fields of nutrition, stress, fitness and public health. On stage or in front of a camera, she combines her trademark energy, wit and humor with the latest scientific data to motivate and educate audiences of all ages to transform themselves for healthy living. More info at

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Grab a cup of coffee or tea, fall into your "virtual comfy chair" and join in on the conversation between Michelle King Robson and Dr. Pam Peeke and as they cut through the confusion and share the naked bottom-line truth about all things woman. Dialing up top experts to discuss women's greatest lifetime triumphs and challenges, Michelle, acclaimed women's advocate and Dr. Peeke, renowned women's health expert, fearlessly tackle it all: HER body, HER mind, HER wellness, HER sex, HER relationships, HER aging, HER beauty – only on HER Radio.

Hosted by nationally recognized women's health and wellness advocate and Founder & CEO, Michelle Kimg Robson, and internationally renowned physician, scientist, and women's health pioneer Dr. Pamela Peeke.

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