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Is Your Purse as Germy as a Toilet Seat?

From the show: HER Radio
Donna Duberg, MA, MS
Guest Bio
Guest Bio: Donna Duberg, MA, MS
Donna DubergAffectionately known as SLU's germ expert, Donna Duberg, is vice chair and assistant professor in the department of clinical laboratory science, which soon will be renamed biomedical laboratory science, at Saint Louis University. She has been the clinical coordinator of the clinical laboratory science department at Michigan State University and the director of the clinical laboratory science program at Barnes-Jewish College of Nursing and Allied Health. Duberg has received all of her degrees from Michigan State University – a bachelor of science in medical technology; master of arts in educational psychology; and a master of science in clinical laboratory science. She has been interviewed on TV and radio and is frequently quoted in newspapers and magazines.
If you're like most women, your purse is an item that you never leave home without. Handbags can sometimes turn into a bottomless pit with bacteria-ridden items like money, makeup, skincare and hair products, digital devices, clothes, and even food. Your hands touch about 300 surfaces every 30 minutes, which means there is a lot of bacteria traveling with you. 

Research finds that your handbag may be contaminated with a great deal of bacteria, even MORE than the average toilet seat, according to a new study from Initial Washroom Hygiene, a hygiene and washroom services company in the U.K.

How is this affecting your overall health?

Donna Duberg, assistant professor of clinical laboratory science at Saint Louis University, shares how you can keep your carryall cleaner.
  • Original Air Date Thursday, 13 March 2014
  • Host Michelle King Robson and Pamela Peeke, MD

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