Cardio Theatres: Movies Might Be the Best Thing for Your Workout

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Summary: Certain gyms are now playing movies in cardio rooms in order to lure in more exercisers.
Air Date: 4/23/15
Duration: 10
Host: Michelle King Robson and Pam Peeke, MD
Guest Bio: Melanie Cole, MS
Melanie Cole Melanie Cole, M.S, is Director of Operations at RadioMD. She has a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology.

Melanie Cole M.S. has been in the health field for over 25 years. As a radio talk show host she has exceptional interviewing skills. She hosts shows for The American Academy of Pediatrics | American College of Sports Medicine and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She hosts the Hospital shows for all major Clients: Cleveland Clinic, MIT, City of Hope and many more. She interviews Doctors, Celebrities and other guests such as the Surgeon General, The Presidents of the AMA, AHA, AAP ACSM, and hundreds of the best and brightest Drs and health professionals from all over the country.

She is able to take very complicated medical information and make it accessible, understandable and quite entertaining for the lay listener. Her shows bring together the best of integrated medicine, eastern and western techniques that feature Health Experts from all over the world.

The most respected people in their fields talk to Melanie about the latest in hottest health topics. She interviews Transplant Surgeons, Nutritionists, Geneticists, Orthopedic Surgeons and every one in between. Melanie's energetic approach is an entertaining, informative look at all aspects of the health field. Her show has received praise from some of the countries best and brightest in the field of health and wellness.

Melanie conducts seminars and lectures nationwide on Nutrition, Stress Reduction, Balance, Posture and a wide variety of health related topics. She has been featured in SHAPE MAGAZINE, INSIDE SPORTS, and LERNER NEWSPAPERS and many more.

She has been an Exercise Physiologist/ Personal Trainer with a client retention rate of 20+ years... nearly unheard of in the world of personal trainers.

She is married for 20 years to a wonderful man, Gary, and has two incredible kids... Clayton, 14 and CeCe, 12.
Cardio Theatres: Movies Might Be the Best Thing for Your Workout
Instead of going into a movie theatre and filling up on popcorn and chocolate, you may just need to head to your nearest gym for the latest releases. Many gyms are now looking into the idea to dedicate cardio rooms into cardio theatres.

How does this exactly work?

Instead of large comfy lazy boys that you may be used to at the movies, you have the option of a cardio machine.

How do cardio theatres appeal to women?

If you're someone who's a little self-conscious about using free weights, or the machines, you're not alone. In fact, most women would rather do group classes than using the free weights. However, cardio theaters may appeal to you since the lights are turned all the way off, taking the pressure you may feel off your body.

Exercise Physiologist, Director Of Operations of RadioMD, Show Host, Melanie Cole, MS shares how cardio theatres can boost your workout.

RadioMD Presents: HER Radio | Original Air Date: April 23, 2015
Host: Michelle King Robson & Pam Peeke, MD

It's all about her. Her body. Her mind. Her wellness. Her sex. Her relationships. Her aging. Her beauty. It's HER Radio starring acclaimed entrepreneur and women's advocate, Michelle King Robson and leading women's health expert, the doc who walks the talk, Dr. Pam Peeke.

PAM: Hi. I'm Dr. Pam Peeke. Michelle's off today. So, I'm working out the other day in some hotel and I'm not even kidding you. I thought I was in a movie theater. I mean, there are just cardiovision, big screens and fun stuff going on. It's like, "What is going on with workouts?" Well, my good buddy here at RadioMD, Melanie Cole, Director of Operations at RadioMD with a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology is our "go to" person for "What the heck is going on in this new fitness trend," Melanie? For crying out loud, what is a cardio theater?

MELANIE: Thanks, Dr. Peeke, for having me on. So, I don't think it's so new. I think people have been using screen time to help them work out for as long as there's been a treadmill you could stick up near your tiny little television set back in the VCR days, which I still have one. You could tape your favorite show and watch it while you were on the treadmill. So now, I think that with all those televisions and things set up around the elliptical and the Stairmasters and the treadmills, the clubs have realized that people are watching some of the same stuff and if you put it on a bigger screen and make it louder and put on a movie, well then, maybe people are going to work out longer. If it's a motivating movie like Rocky, maybe they're even going to work out harder and if it's really something that gets you moving, gets you happy, then you're going to get more out of your workout. So, I think it's been around for longer than we think, but I think it's great. It's absolutely cool. I'm somebody who loves to work out while I'm watching stuff because it kind of takes away the sting, you know what I'm saying?

PAM: Oh, man. What sting? It's the sweat and the sting, man. In a big way. And, you know what's really cool is that these movies sound like a lot of fun. You know, each one of these health clubs has to pay over annual $800 in fees for the motion picture licensing to be able to pull this off. I didn't realize this. At the same time, they're having a blast.

MELANIE: It's like people get together on Thursday nights. Who needs to have dinner when you can just go in there with your friends and hang out and watch a full movie while you're doing your thing? You know, it's interesting. A lot of people say, you know, when you play music, you really get more motivated to work out. What happens when you have a movie on instead, Melanie? Well, I think that as the movie goes emotional, that maybe you're going to feel that.

You know, we all know, as you said with music, sometimes with songs like, "We Will Rock You", your heart can actually start to pump and you feel it while you're listening to this music. Well, if they've got surround sound, and, as you say, they're paying big bucks for these movies. Without the popcorn or the glass of wine while you watch the movie, you're working out and I think that your heart and your cardiovascular system can actually start to respond.

I'm not sure they'd want to play some sad movie like Beaches because maybe, you know, you'd start to cry and whatever's going to happen, but if they're playing something funny or rowdy, we all know that funny and laughing is so good for our health anyway and for our cardiovascular system and our endorphins and everything. So, if you're doubling up on that, laughing while you're working out, which is not something I do on a regular basis.

I don't know about you, Dr. Peeke, but I don't laugh too hard when I'm working out. And so, if you're laughing while you're working out, if you're clapping for the heroine and you're happy about something, your heart rate is going to go right along with that and give you some more energy and make you feel like you want to keep going until the end.

PAM: Hey, you've heard about that new trend in New York where people actually have almost drinks as you walk into the health club. These are the higher end health clubs like Equinox and whatever. But, they're going to have, instead, a mocktail. So, it'll be something that kind of juices you up to be able to work out. Then, you get together with all your friends in there and the whole thing turns out to be like a wild party. Do you see this as something that's going to end up happening in the future all across the country?

MELANIE: I do, actually. I think that with the whole colorful cocktail revolution, these mocktails without alcohol can actually help, you know, obviously, with your workout because they're giving you maybe a little smoothie action—a little protein action. You're getting some carbohydrates to get you going. I think that if they make them pretty and put them in containers that you find appealing, then it's going to give you more impetus to go there.

It's a social thing. You know, why not have some kind of a blue drink before you work out and stand around looking cute in your workout clothes and then you go and put your sweat on. You know? So, yes, I think it might be, but only, as you say, in the high-end clubs and places where you can afford to pay $6 or $8 for a mocktail when you walk in, you know? If that is the case, then people who can afford it are going to do it just for that whole social aspect and whatever gets you into the gym, right? I mean, that's the whole goal is to get you in there because then you're going to look guiltily at the machines.

PAM: Right.

MELANIE: Like you really need to do something while you're in there.

PAM: Yeah. You've got it. The other thing, too, that happens, is that I can see here at the Equinox where I am, they have these new nights now, where you bring in a friend for free and you work out, hang out, have a good time. Have some mocktails. The whole thing's a party but guess what? They're also there kind of pushing the membership there on that friend and you also get some little benefit out of this thing, too. So, I can see this as a nice win/win all the way around and I think that, frankly, it's a great marketing idea.

I mean, what the heck? Just turn it into a party and, you know, also it breaks down that stereotype of the funky place you have to go to which is the big building with the machines that go nowhere but you have to sweat and pay money to do this. I think that if you make it friendlier, more and more people that are afraid of these places, because of their own body issues, might be more inviting. You know, it might be more inviting to them. What do you think?

MELANIE: I agree with you. I think that also with making it social with the mocktails and all that that, the sales force at these clubs are cheering. You bring a friend. They get to have their little mocktail or even to watch a movie with me. You know, clubs have been handing out guest passes for years but the rule of your guest pass was that your guest had to listen to like the little spiel from the sales guy. Well, it might be just a great sales tool for the clubs in that they can have you bring in a friend and then, instead of forcing you to listen to the sales pitch, it's like a little party and the sales guy gets to walk around and meet your friends and show them the great equipment and say, "You know, this is what we do here." And, yes. It's good impetus for the people working out, too, because they get a little something. You know, maybe a free month or whatever it is that the club is offering if you bring in a friend and get them to join.

PAM: Someone was laughing about the fact that if you're self-conscious and you don't like working out in public, you know, if the room is darkened because there's a movie going on...

MELANIE: I love that!

PAM: Maybe you might feel a little bit better.

MELANIE: That's awesome!

PAM: What do you think?

MELANIE: Do you have some things that you...because I know that I love...I've always worked out to Game of Thrones or Downton Abbey. My new stupid favorite, The Royals or The Musketeers because, Dr. Peeke, if you're watching a show like The Musketeers and these guys are babes, then you feel like if you work out, maybe you have a chance with them one day like if you walked into them on the street somewhere.

PAM: Oh, man. Okay. You have like a really active, you know, uh, little mental life up there.

MELANIE: I know. Whatever.

PAM: Dream or fantasy life. I kind of like it, though, you know? Also, it's inspirational, too, to see good-looking bodies up there. I don't mean like porno bodies. I'm talking about just good-looking bodies. Fit bodies. Make you feel good. Might inspire you. Might motivate you and I like seeing a lot of those inspirational fitness movies, too. You know? Where people have gone against odds and all of a sudden, there they are and they just made it and that makes me feel really good. It's like, "Yeah! I'm doing the same thing." It's like reading Shape Magazine and reading one of those stories. It's like, "Yeah!" You know? It just makes you feel good.

MELANIE: It is and you see their bodies in there and like in Bend It Like Beckham and these girls are playing soccer and you're like, "Wow! That looks fun! I want to go in the back yard and play soccer," and you see their gorgeous bodies so it does, it's very inspirational.

PAM: Oh, I just absolutely love it. Melanie, you have been nothing but a fountain of knowledge for us as we're looking at this issue of cardiotheaters. Are they a cool, trending thing? Heck, yeah! And, they're showing up in your gym and health club right now and we're turning this whole workout thing into a parte'. Thank you, Melanie.

I'm Dr. Pam Peeke with Michelle King Robson. Listen to HER Radio. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and like us. Feel better.
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