The Only 7 Things You Can Control in Life

Guest : Michelle King Robson & Pamela Peeke, MD
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Summary: In today's world, there is so much out of your control. What are the things you can take hold of?
Air Date: 2/4/16
Duration: 10
Host: Michelle King Robson and Pam Peeke, MD
The Only 7 Things You Can Control in Life
As time goes by, you may realize that many situations and factors in life are beyond your control. It's frustrating to feel powerless and to recognize that you can control far less than you once believed.

By learning to let go of trying to control things you simply can't, you will find you're less stressed. You'll feel happier. You'll also feel empowered.

What are the seven things you can control?
  1. Your breathing
  2. Your self-talk
  3. Your gratitude
  4. Your body language
  5. Your mental and physical fitness
  6. Your diet
  7. Your sleep
Listen in as Dr. Pam Peeke and Michelle King Robson explain how you can take control and feel powerful as a result.