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Yoga for Every Body Type

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: Don't be discouraged from yoga because you don't feel you fit the yoga stereotype. Allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy its health and mental benefits.
Air Date: 5/16/17
Duration: 26:37
Host: Holly Lucille, RN, ND
Guest Bio: Jessamyn Stanley, Yoga Instructor
Jessamyn StanleyJessamyn Stanley is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, award-winning Instagram personality (@mynameisjessamyn), and body-positive advocate.

She has been profiled by a wide range of media outlets, including Good Morning America, TIME, New York, Glamour, Shape, People, Essence, Lenny Letter, and many others.

When she’s not on the road teaching, she lives in Durham, North Carolina.
  • Guest Facebook Account: www.facebook.com/mynameisjessamyn
  • Guest Twitter Account: @JessNotJazz
Yoga for Every Body Type
Going to yoga twice a week can be great fun. Fancy leggings, coconut water, and a healthy glow are some enjoyable benefits.

However, the greater benefit is that the lessons you learn on the mat in yoga practice can follow you in daily life. 

If you've never taken a yoga class or performed a certain type of yoga practice, it can seem intimidating.

Don’t be discouraged from trying yoga by the fitness stereotype. Stop being afraid of other people. You don’t know the other people in the class, so there’s no need to size them up. You’re there to learn. No one should hate on you for wanting to learn, no matter what your insecurities tell you. Find a way to love yourself and allow yourself to reap the perks yoga provides.

Everyone wants to feel good. Stretching your muscles, relaxing your body and standing taller can motivate your yoga pursuit.

But, it’s also okay if you discover yoga is not for you. Be sure to align your motivation with your fitness pursuits.

Listen as yoga instructor Jessamyn Stanley joins Dr. Holly Lucille to inspire you to earn for the benefits of yoga.
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