The Power of ME

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: "Insecurity and a lack of self confidence is an epidemic in the world we live in today." -Cornell Thomas, Life Coach
Air Date: 12/17/14
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Cornell Thomas, Life Coach
Cornell ThomasCornell Thomas is a basketball coach, trainer, life coach, motivational speaker, and author. Through his program Crossroads Basketball he has helped hundred of kids in the last nine years reach their goals. For the last four years Cornell has been inspiring and motivating people of all ages through his own motivational quotes and blog site at www.powerofpositivity.net
  • Book Title: The Power of Positivity: Controlling Where the Ball Bounces
  • Guest Twitter Account: @cornellthomas
The Power of ME
"Insecurity and a lack of self-confidence is an epidemic in the world we live in today," says life coach, Cornell Thomas.

From his experiences with the kids he coaches, to adults he coaches and even sometimes his friends, Cornell has noticed an increasing occurrence of people just not believing in themselves.

What are some of the reasons people have this lack of self confidence or self worth?

A large part of it is due to the images and messages we're inundated with on a daily basis. This can range from things like bullying to the anonymous judgement that accompanies the Web-based world we live in.

It's definitely not easy to shut all those messages out; but if you can -- and focus on YOU and what's important in your life -- then it will be much easier to hold your personal value at a high standard.

Is there a gender factor when it comes to self confidence?

According to Cornell, it's not a boy-girl thing, "it's a people thing."

Sure, men (and boys) might put on that "bravado" outward attitude; but, oftentimes that's just for show and they lack confidence just as much as women.

What are ways you can ramp up your self confidence?

One way is to think about all the things you've dealt with in life... more specifically, some of the most difficult things you've encountered. You got through them, right? You're a living, breathing, thriving person. It's a matter of training your brain to recognize that those things have made you stronger, and you WILL get through challenges that are to come.

A helpful element in recognizing your strength in this way is to actually write your accomplishments down. Many people have a hard time truly comprehending what they're capable of until they see it in writing.

In the same way, you can strengthen your goals by writing down and visualizing what you want for the future.

Tune in as Cornell joins Andrea and Lisa to discuss the "power of me," as well as ways you can get through the tough times and come out stronger on the other side.