Spring Clean Your Bathroom Counter

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Summary: How often should you switch up your bath sponges and loofahs? What about skincare or beauty products? Listen in for all the answers from beauty expert, David Pollock.
Air Date: 4/15/15
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: David Pollock
Named one of the “20 to Know” by Global Cosmetics Industry, David Pollock has more than twenty years of experience formulating innovative skin, hair and body care products, generating hundreds of millions of dollars for some of the most prestigious names in the industry, including Bliss, Smashbox, Lancôme , L’Oreal–SkinCeuticals, Brookstone, Shaklee, the Art of Shaving, Hydrox-C, Alpha Max, Nutra-Luxe, Reliv, Ted Gibson, the Home Shopping Network and more. David Pollock is a published author, a frequent keynote speaker and an experienced radio guest. He has shared his advice on over 1,700 radio stations, reaching over 16.5 million listeners and countless more via his regular contributions via online publications such as Yahoo.com, Galtime.com, Dr. Oz and Oprah’s ShareCare.com, DrLaura.com, Wellness.com, plus his own JustAskDavid.com.

Today, David Pollock sits on the board of several skin care companies, advises a number of different brands and retailers, and is a consumers advocate empowering women to take control of their health and beauty, from the inside out.
  • Guest Twitter Account: @justaskdavid
Spring Clean Your Bathroom Counter
What better time than spring to take a good, hard look at your bathroom counters and cabinets and so some real "spring cleaning"?

For instance, you may know to switch up your toothbrush every one or two months, but what about the bath sponges and loofahs in your shower? Or, how often should you replace your make-up brushes?

Beauty expert, David Pollock, returns to Naturally Savvy to share some great tips and simple advice for keeping your bathroom counter as fresh and as healthy as possible.

Bath sponges and loofahs can harbor bacteria and mold, so make sure you're replacing them every two or three months.

Make-up brushes are obviously a bit more expensive, so you may not want to throw them away. You can easily clean them, however. Use liquid soap (or shampoo, body wash) and massage through the bristles without wetting them. This will break down the product within the brush (and any other unwanted particles). Then, rinse until the water is clear. Finally, lay them flat to dry. 

As for products, get rid of any skincare product that's older than six months. Products that are dehydrated don't work as well, and once you break that seal, they immediately start to lose their water content.

Look at your make-up, too: throw mascara after three months and eye shadow after six months. With your lip liner or eye pencil, you can just freshen up with a sharpener.

And, now it's your opportunity to replace your products with more natural, toxic-free options. Avoid products with ingredients like parabens or propylene glycol on the label, as well as products that contain "fragrance."

Listen in as David joins Andrea and Lisa to share more tips and tricks for spring cleaning your bathroom counter.
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