Ask Your Angels: Manifest What You Want in Life

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: How does manifestation work? Or, more importantly, does it work?
Air Date: 6/3/15
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Shaman Isabella Stoloff
Isabella-StolloffShaman Isabella Stoloff is a dynamic leader. She founded the Orange County Healing Center in 2009 and since that time has committed herself to leaving the world a better place. Isabella has been called the Golden Condor and World Ambassador. She has traveled to connect people to their inner wisdom and provide ceremonies for the land. She has a full time practice, writes articles, a YouTube channel, and does guest spots to carry the message of enlightenment. Isabella is a mother and grandmother and understands what is needed today to raise a conscious family. Shaman Isabella feels honored to be on the planet during this time of great awakening. She feels once you empower yourself through positive thought and action you will feel connected and centered. Isabella’s message is to awaken to the light that you are, so you can become the Shaman in your own life.
Ask Your Angels: Manifest What You Want in Life
Ever since The Secret became a best selling book, a little less than 10 years ago, people have learned more about the power of manifestation.

But, how does it work?

Or, more importantly, does it work?

Shaman Isabella Stoloff says that yes, it absolutely works. She's seen many examples in her own life and teaching to support the concept.

But, you have to go about it the right way.

Many people are so desperate to manifest, and when it doesn't work or they don't get exactly what they asked for, they tend to give up. Doing so gives the Universe the wrong signal. 

The more clear you are in your intention, the quicker it will come to you. Also, if your intentions come from a place of beauty and love, you're more likely to receive (as opposed to desperation and selfishness).

But, you also have to learn to "let it go" for a while. Don't hold on to your desire with a desperate grasp. If you're praying from an open heart and confidence, you'll be OK to release the desire for a while, because you know it will come back to you.

Listen in as Stoloff joins Andrea and Lisa to share more about what manifestation is, how it works, and how you can more clearly ask for your desires in life.

RadioMD Presents:Naturally Savvy | Original Air Date: June 3, 2015
Hosts: Andrea Donsky, RHN & Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest: Shaman Isabella Stoloff

She’s not here to judge. She’s here to report the honest news on healthy living. She’s Andrea Donsky along with Lisa Davis. It’s time for Naturally Savvy.

ANDREA: What does it mean to manifest something? When you really want something to happen and today we’re going to talk about using clear intentions to manifest and our wonderful guest, Shaaman Isabella Stoloff is going to jump into that. Isabella, welcome back.

ISABELLA: Thank you, guys. Thank you so much for having me again. Here we go, right?

ANDREA: We love having you on.

ISABELLA: I love being on. I love your show. I’m listening to this guy give you kudos. The last guy that was on. Decluttering is really important. Everyone. We’ve all got to “out with the old and in with the new” but, you know, how he was just praising you and I just love being on the show. I love your show. You’ve got to get more listeners. It’s true. There’s a certain vibration that’s happening with your show and, you know, it’s one of a kind. I don’t know any other show out there like it. Please, listeners, please, please Facebook, get people listening because it’s a very beneficial show. I mean it’s just fantastic.

ANDREA: Thanks, Isabella; that is very kind of you to say. We appreciate that. That’s very sweet and we love our show, too. We do love doing it. Let’s move on to manifesting. So, let’s manifest everything that we’re talking about. Give us some tips. So, for people who are listening, I’m a huge believer in manifesting and I love everything about the concept of making things happen for us and, you know, asking our angels, asking the universe. What are some tips people can do in order to manifest things for themselves?

ISABELLA: Well, the first thing I want to say, I always do this, don’t I? Well, the first thing I want to point out is that people, we’re so desperate to manifest and when it doesn’t happen right away we give up. We say, “Oh, you know, I’ve been trying to manifest that forever and it’s never come true,” and then what happens is you give the universe the wrong signal. So, I manifested my house, a darling little Orange County Healing Center that you came down and took a look at.

ANDREA: I saw. I loved it. Yes.

ISABELLA: You love my little place, right? Well, I created that. That was a manifestation from 15 years ago. So, it’s not that it happens right away guys. Just be patient. The universe, you know, there’s a long list of things that we need and want but what I have found is that the clearer you are in what you’re creating, your intention for manifesting, the clearer you are, the quicker it’s going to come to you. So, here’s a great story. As many of you know, I’ve been traveling. I just got back on Monday night so I’m still a little jet-lagged but bear with me. I had no idea. First of all, let’s start there. I had no idea that I was going on this European tour to seek and heal and teach and do ceremony but I had no idea. I was at a wedding in Las Vegas and somebody put something up about Egypt. My father made a film in Egypt in Cairo in the 30’s and I said “Oh! You know, I really want to go to Egypt and you know what? I need to London again. I’ll do the summer solstice London,” and this just sort of started happening. It manifested so quickly. I called my contacts in London and she said, “You know, we’re doing Ibiza? Why don’t you come to Ibiza?” Okay, yes. She needed a driver. I said, “Sure, I’ll be your driver.” The demonic driver. So, I manifested the Ibiza trip. While I was there, one of the gentlemen took my last trip to Peru, my last space. I only had one space for a man left although now I’m thinking about opening it up to five more people just because the universe is asking me to take more but so he took the last space and manifested that. He wanted this hat, he said, “Can you help me out? I really want to get this hat. I want to have an Ibiza hat.” You know Ibiza’s in the sea of Spain, a little island and so he said, “What does it look like Isabella?” I said, “What does it look like?” He said, “Yeah, you know is it white, is it black.” and I started to describe the hat to a T. I said it will be cream, it will be straw. It will have brown band. You know he was asking me the questions. I was very, very clear. We turned the corner; there was a huge hat stand. Now, I kid you not, you guys there was no hats, we’d been looking for days. The minute I got clear for him on the intention and we turned the corner. I walked right up to the hat and said, “There it is. That’s your hat. The hat I just saw.”

ANDREA: That’s awesome.

ISABELLA: You know, this is how clear you need to be and then you let it go. You know, you’re clear. You say your prayers over it but let it go. Just because of when you—

ANDREA: That’s the hard part.

ISABELLA: That’s the hard part, right? You’re like, “But I didn’t get it yet. So, maybe I need to fine tune it a bit and maybe I need to pull it back out the drawer and take a look at that again.” No. Let it go. Get on to the next thing. So, I manifested from there, Italy and Holland. I spoke to a group in Holland and, you know, it was just, it was a manifestation. This month has flown, I mean that month is gone. It’s just flown by.

ANDREA: So, Isabella, I just want to get some clarity on something. So, you said before that, you know, some people will try and manifest things and then we give up on that when it doesn’t happen and then in another conversation, later on in the conversation you were like, “You know, let it go.” So, I just want to be clear what that means. So, when we’re trying to manifest something, we ask for it within a clear intention. We ask for it, could we ask for it many, many times? Can we say prayers every single morning? You know, I talk to God and my angels all the time. Is it something that we should do on a regular basis or is it something, when you say let it go does it mean to detach? Just a little bit of clarity.

ISABELLA: Right. So, when I say, “Let it go,” I mean don’t hold on to it with a desperation grasp.

ANDREA: Ah! Okay.

ISABELLA: I taught this. Years ago, I taught about how do you pray? Do you pray? Well, many of us have forgotten how to pray. Many people don’t even know how to pray. So, I think pray. I just made a little video. Go to my Facebook page and you’ll see this little video about trusting yourself. So, I think pray. Prayers are from your heart, right? So, when you speak from your heart, that’s when you’re praying, to the god of your own understanding, to your higher self or to yourself. Well I…You know, it comes from the heart. So, it’s coming from a place of love. So, you’ve created this beautiful intention, you’ve set this beautiful manifestation in process and you let it go from your heart with light and love knowing that it will come highest and best good no harm to anyone when it needs to come to you. But what we do is, we don’t usually do that. We usually pray from a place of desperation, “Oh, god please. I need this. I’m going to die without it [inaudible 7:02]. Okay, I got to have it. It’s got to be perfect. Oh, shoot. No. I didn’t make that perfect manifestation. I didn’t mean yellow. I meant blue,” like you don’t give the universe any room to give you what you need. So, it’s like a flow. So, if you can pray and you can breathe and you can say, “Yeah, it could be this beautiful cream-colored hat with brown band and kind of brim and I can sort of see it in my mind,” and I let it go into the universe so the universe can make that happen for me.

ANDREA: Right.

ISABELLA: With the house, right? With the house, I had a very clear intention of the house and I had no idea I would be a Shaaman so I was teaching acting to little kids and every Saturday morning, you’d know there’d be a class at my house. So, it didn’t quite turn out that way, I’m teaching Shaamanism at children’s acting but pray from an open heart. Don’t pray from a place of desperation. Pray from a place of confidence, knowing that you are a divine magical being and you deserve the best.

LISA: Oh, I like that. Well, how do you define clear intention is what I’m curious about. How do you know you have…that your intention is clear?

ISABELLA: Okay, so clear intention. Are you coming from a place of beauty? Are you coming from a place of delicious, yummy clear intention from a high vibration? Are you coming from a place of guilt, maybe not in the highest integrity? You know, not really caring if you’re going to step on somebody to get it where you need to go? You know, you’ve got to hold a very high clear vibe or else it backfires. You know? That’s just how I look at it. I always say highest and best good, no harm to anyone. This is what I wish for and you know sometimes it just takes time, you guys. It takes time but start to play with the angels. Start to play with the elements. When you see a feather on the ground look at that feather and say, “Thank you, angels. Thank you for being with me today.”

ANDREA: I love that, Isabella. I mean, this conversation I could have literally all day long so this is right up my alley. I love it, we have to go Isabella but you know what we’re going to have you back on. Yes. I’m just going to tell them right now.

So, you can find Isabella, perfect, OCHealingCenter.com and you can also follow her on Twitter @isabellstoloff. I’m Andrea Donsky along with Lisa Davis. This Naturally Savvy Radio on RadioMD. Stay well.