Beyond Lullabyes: A Good’s Night Sleep for You & Your Baby

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: There's nothing worse than a baby who just won't sleep.
Air Date: 8/12/15
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Ingrid Y. Prueher, Certified FSI Consultant
Ingrid-PrueherIngrid Y. Prueher is The Baby Sleep Whisperer™; a bilingual, Certified Family Sleep Institute (FSI) Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Lactation Counselor and the founder of BabySleepWhisperer.com. She specializes in teaching sleepless moms and dads the fundamentals of sleep, so their children can become amazing sleepers. A seasoned parenting consultant, Ingrid combines her experience and knowledge of nutrition and sleep to help English and Spanish-speaking parents across the country who struggle to get their child on a consistent sleep schedule. Ingrid also runs her own radio show, Baby Sleep 911, Help! via Blog Talk Radio weekly. She is also part of the FSI Certification Team and the FSI’s Graduate Business Coach and Mentor.

A sought-after child sleep expert, Ingrid has been featured in leading national, daily and trade publications, including: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Connecticut Post, Hartford Courant and Daily News New York; Fox & Friends, WPIX 11 News, Better Connecticut and Fox Connecticut; The Bump, American Baby and New York Family; and Parents.com Baby Sleep 911 Web TV Series Host.
Beyond Lullabyes: A Good’s Night Sleep for You & Your Baby
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Some babies are great sleepers right from the get-go, while others can take months (sometimes years) to sleep fully through the night.

Are there certain things you can be doing as a parent to bring that restful sleep to your little one?

Ingrid Y. Prueher, also known as The Baby Sleep Whisperer™, says there are very important steps that you should be taking to make sure both you and your little one are getting a good night's rest.

Prueher says the two biggest factors are consistency and making sleep a priority. 

Part of both of those factors is that your baby pr toddler should be able to rest in an environment that's conducive to sleep. Too often, in our on-the-go society, naps occur in a stroller, or in a swing, or in a pack-n-play. Aside from being potentially disruptive, this teaches kids that they can't sleep on their own. 

If you're enlisting the support of a friend or family member for babysitting or other care duties, make sure everyone is on the same page. Your spouse or partner should also be on this page, and you should all give the baby consistent cues. Using too many soothing techniques can be confusing and can create chaos. 

Rest is equally as important for you. When you aren't sleeping, you can't see everything that's going on in terms of your baby's sleep habits.

Prueher often works with kids with ADD/ADHD, who are on the autism spectrum, or have other behavioral issues. While the most important thing to keep in mind is "everyone needs sleep," sleep therapy with these individuals has to work congruently with any other therapy those kids are going through.

In the accompanying audio segment, Prueher shares more about her work as a sleep consultant, as well as core techniques you can use to ensure a good night's rest for everyone.
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