Laughing in the Face of Cancer

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Using a natural formula, Susan Liberty Hall became cancer-free in just 10 weeks.
Air Date: 9/30/15
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Susan Liberty Hall
Susan-HallSusan Hall is an “ordinary” 69-year-old grandmother who simply loves all Divine Creation. She is a former Playboy bunny at the London Casino and New Orleans Playboy Clubs, as well as a former model and dancer. She is the author of two books: Ha, I Laugh in the Face of Cancer and Scented Adventures of The Bouquet Sisters in Fairyland. Susan’s mission is to help others with health issues through the Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils and the teachings of Dr. Gary Young.  Recently, she is sharing the Native American healing remedy, Two Feathers healing Formula after her life was saved by using this formula after she was diagnosed with cancer. She shares her healing journey through her book, Ha I Laugh in the Face of Cancer Her brother, former LA Lakers owner, Jerry Buss, also had cancer and chose conventional treatments, his suffering and untimely death, inspired Susan to write her book in his honor. Susan lives and plays in Phoenix, Arizona.
Laughing in the Face of Cancer
Susan Liberty Hall is no stranger to cancer.

Her mother passed from the disease, and she and her brother were both diagnosed with cancer at the same time.

While Susan's brother took the traditional route, she went with a more natural treatment plan, a Native American healing remedy called the Two Feathers Healing Formula.

Using this formula, Susan became cancer-free in just 10 weeks.

The formula is comprised of herbs and minerals and is completely natural. 

Listen in as Susan shares her personal journey with cancer, as well as more information about the Two Feathers Healing Formula.
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