Top 10 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: How can you make sure you stay on track this holiday season?
Air Date: 12/16/15
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: P.K. Newby, ScD, MPH, MS
PK-Newby croppedDr. P.K. Newby is a nutrition scientist and author with more than 20 years of experience researching diet-related diseases and teaching students about why what we eat matters, farm to fork. Dr. Newby is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Nutrition at Harvard and spends most of her time writing, speaking, cooking, and consulting to help build a healthier, more sustainable world. Her passion for nutrition stems from a life-long love affair with food, developed from creating fabulous dishes in her own kitchen and working in the restaurant industry for ten years. She appeared on ABC’s The Taste as one of America’s “best undiscovered cooks” cooking globally-inspired, plant-based cuisine. She is the author of National Geographic Foods for Health and her next book Superfoods will be on sale in supermarkets and newsstands on January 8, 2016. She is currently working on her next books to inspire people to live their healthiest lives, deliciously. Learn more about her and follow her blog Cooking & Eating the PK Way at pknewby.com.
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Top 10 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating
The holidays wouldn't be the holidays without yummy treats and festive feasts. Even the healthiest of healthy people would likely agree that everyone needs to indulge from time to time.

The problem occurs when you partake in too many of these indulgences. 

How can you make sure you stay on track this holiday season? 

Dr. P.K. Newby joins Naturally Savvy hosts, Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis, to share her top 10 tips for healthy holiday eating:
  1. Monitor your weight.
  2. Know your schedule and plan meals accordingly.
  3. Smaller plates, smaller cups, smaller portions.
  4. Chew slowly, consume mindfully.
  5. Eat your veggies and fruits.
  6. Don’t forget to exercise.
  7. Count your beverages.
  8. Drink water.
  9. Beware of buffets.
  10. Employ restraint, but not complete denial.
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