Sylvia Anderson

Sylvia Anderson

Originally from Minnesota, Sylvia moved to California for the sun, sand and warm temperatures. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in English and Communications, both of which she has put to good use in her work with RadioMD as Senior Editor.
Give Your Immunity a Boost Amid COVID-19 with Dr. Raphael Kellman
With his decades of research on the microbiome, and an expert in functional and integrative medicine, Dr. Raphael Kellman shares tips for optimizing your immunity.
Change Your Habits to Become 1% Better Each Day
If you're having trouble changing your habits, the problem isn't you. The problem actually is your system.
The Power of Friendship in the Era of COVID-19
As we move through the uncertainty of the COVID-19 era, friendship is especially helpful -- possibly in more ways than one.

EP 96 - Eating Sustainably

Wednesday, 29 April 2020
EP 96 - Eating Sustainably
Libby Gill is the reigning Miss Earth, USA, and is using the title to promote her platform of coastal preservation and educate future generations about the importance of sustainability.
Overcoming Irrational Fears Surrounding Coronavirus
Dr. Roger Hall, author of Staying Happy Being Productive, shares tips for easing some of the irrational fears and worries impacting us during the pandemic.
EP 177 - Hormones, Menopause and the Keto-Green Way
Keto can be a difficult diet to follow. Side effects like gastrointestinal discomfort, low energy, and moodiness—known as the “keto flu”—make the diet hard to sustain. Here's a solution.
EP 989B - Sound Medicine: Combining Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science to Heal the Body and Mind
Sound vibration impacts the body physiologically, from altering mood to healing disease.

EP 989 News of the Week

Tuesday, 28 April 2020
EP 989 News of the Week
Every week, Dr. Roizen discusses the latest health headlines YOU need to know.
Dealing with Anxiety During a Pandemic with Dr. Joan Rosenberg
Dr. Rosenberg discusses how to manage the vulnerability we're all feeling during the pandemic.
Immunity from Coronavirus and Beyond
Dr. Friedman covers some basic "Germ 101," as well as immune-boosting foods and supplements -- and the truth about face masks and gloves.