Raising Emotional Children

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Summary: How you raise an emotional child and why emotions are natural and important.
Air Date: 10/2/15
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: Helen Fried
Helen Fried pic 1Helen Fried remarried in 2006 and found the intricacies of dealing with a blended family and ex-spouses to be quite trying. She founded a monthly support group to allow others with similar divorce stories to vent, working together to grow from their hardships. 

She also remains a strong advocate of the voiceless victims of divorce; the children. 

Residing in Weston, Florida, Fried continues to write as she works to build a happy family with her husband Steve Fried, children Nicolas and Lexi, and step-children Matthew and Danielle.
  • Book Title: How to Love Your Kids More Than You Hate Your Ex
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Raising Emotional Children
For children, divorce can result in either emotional blockages or an outpouring of emotions that may often feel overwhelming and challenging for parents and children alike. 

In many instances, parents believe their role is to help their children “push through” their emotions, rather than encourage them to take the time to work through their complicated feelings. 

Whatever emotional reaction a child of divorce experiences, parents need to understand that their role is to to support, nurture, encourage, and help their children process those emotions. 

Helen Fried discusses how to raise an emotional child, as well as why emotions in children are natural and something to be encouraged after a child experiences a major trauma such as the divorce of his or her parents.
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