The Yoga (R)evolution

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: Over the years, health trends have come and gone... but yoga has never faded.
Air Date: 11/20/15
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: Gwen Lawrence, Certified Yoga Coach
gwen lawrence-43-EditGwen Lawrence has been a practicing fitness professional since 1990. Her current practice includes private yoga trainings, class instruction, team instruction and her Power Yoga for Sports program, which is sports-specific training. You can become a certified Yoga Coach through her online training, just like individuals around the world in 10 countries are taking advantage of. 

Gwen's unique combination of dance, massage therapy, and yoga training experience, coupled with her extensive knowledge of anatomy and nutrition, provides her clients and athletes with overwhelming results. 

Gwen has been the yoga instructor for many sports teams over the years, including the NY Giants, NY Knicks, NY Redbulls, NY Rangers, NYC FC and members of the NY Yankees; as well as several major colleges, including Columbia, Yale, Manhattan, UNC, and many more. She is the official spokesperson for Gaiam TV, and ambassador for Lululemon, Prismsport, Gaiam, Kulae and Under Armour. Her writings appear in Men's Health, Men's Finess, Women's Health, Women's Fitness, Cosmo, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest, Yoga Magazine, Details and on Gwen makes regular appearances on NBC's Today Show, Good Day NY, and The Dr. Oz Show, as well as many other Radio and TV news shows.

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The Yoga (R)evolution
Over the years, health trends have come and gone... but, yoga has never faded. 

Today, yoga continues to surge in popularity and forever evolve as more people experience its benefits. 

Incorporating yoga into your life can have a positive impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual health. It can also be powerful in helping you work through anxiety, addiction, and other health concerns. 

Guest expert, Gwen Lawrence, is both a yoga instructor and a trainer of future yoga instructors. 

She talks about the power of yoga and how it’s being practiced by individuals ranging from professional athletes to those just starting their health and wellness journeys. 

She also shares how she’s seen yoga benefit the lives of her clients and students.