How to Achieve Peak Performance

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Summary: When you think about your ideal self, what do you imagine?
Air Date: 7/17/17
Duration: 26:18
Host: Erica Spiegelman
Guest Bio: Joe Fox, Peak Mental Performance Consultant
Joe-FoxJoe Fox helps business leaders achieve sustainable Peak-Mental-Performance by eliminating OVERWHELM, STRESS, and BURNOUT so they can have optimum health, a sustainable career, AND a fulfilling personal life.

His highly individualized "First-Aid-Kit" of proven stress management techniques can be integrated on a daily basis.

This set of tools is based on modern psychology and cutting-edge neuroscience and helps dial down stress levels instantly so we can refuel ourselves psychologically and move out of overstimulation quickly, become more resourceful and able to to the deeper work.

1) Identifying True Targets
2) Habit Maximization
3) Shifting Stress-Perception-Balance
4) Attachments and Dissociations

Joe helps people in business go from overwhelmed, stressed and burned out to achieving high levels of resiliency, high energy and laser-focus, so they can give up the life of hustling in exchange for true productivity.
How to Achieve Peak Performance
When you think about your ideal self, what do you imagine?

What would you accomplish if you could rid yourself of unnecessary stress and avoid burning out?

Joe Fox is a peak mental performance coach who works with people to help them manage stress, avoid burnout, and function at their highest levels.

Joe shares how he develops a highly personalized “first aid kit” of stress management techniques, and discusses tips and tools to feel great, and find the energy, drive, and desire to operate at your peak.
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