How to Have a Healthy Valentine’s Day

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Summary:Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Andrea Riggs, shares tips on how to keep your Valentine’s Day plans not only romantic, but healthy as well.
Air Date: 2/10/15
Duration: 10
Host: Darria Long Gillespie, MD, MBA
Guest Bio: Andrea Riggs
Andrea Riggs - Fitness ShotAndrea Riggs, Celebrity Trainer, Author and former Atlanta’s Biggest Loser TV appearing three season’s on NBC is a dynamic and fan favorite National Fitness Expert with over 20 years of fitness and coaching experience, she is known for her mantra “Get Body Beautiful” her signature approach to helping individuals achieve better through lifestyle, nutrition and fitness, she has been seen and heard around the world.  She has worked with Dr. Oz, Dr. Ian Smith and numerous celebrities.  Her e-book Get Body Beautiful and Never Diet Again is available via download.  You can download the FREE new Beautiful APP on I-tunes with BMI tracking, healthy meal plans, and dynamic exercise segments to GET YOUR BODY BEAUTIFUL and boost your fitness results and keep you motivated on your weight loss and health journey.
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How to Have a Healthy Valentine’s Day
Celebrity Trainer, Andrea Riggs, shares some healthy date ideas for Valentine’s Day, including recipes for a romantic dinner and ways couples can get in some exercise as well.
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