Healing Foods: The Ultimate Medicine

From the Show: Staying Well
Summary: Self-medicate with foods that can cure ailments from sore throat to heartburn.
Air Date: 5/20/13
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Michelle Babb, MS, RD
Michelle babbMichelle Babb, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian and holds a Master's degree in nutrition from Bastyr University. She has a private practice in Seattle, WA where she specializes in weight loss, digestive disorders and food allergies. Michelle's extensive training in functional medicine gives her a unique, holistic perspective that helps her create customized nutritional therapies that empower clients to heal themselves. Michelle is a PCC Cooks instructor and delights in showing people how to make healthy eating fun and delicious.
Healing Foods: The Ultimate Medicine
Your refrigerator and pantry are full of illness-fighting foods for issues that range from muscle pain and insomnia, to heartburn and headaches. 

Foods remedies can be a simple way to fight common (and stubborn) ailments, but can they replace a medication? 

Registered dietitian, Michelle Babb, MS, RD, shares how you can use powerful healing foods as natural remedies. She discusses just how much of these foods you'll need to eat and which foods to avoid based on your existing medical issues.


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