Learn to Cook Without the Waste

From the Show: Staying Well
Summary: On average, North Americans discard a staggering 40% of the food we buy or grow. Learn how you can make a change.
Air Date: 7/15/13
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Mary Rolph Lamontagne
Mary Rolph LamontagneMary Rolph Lamontagne has been active in the food industry for the past 20 years. After graduating from Middlebury College in the U.S., with a BA in Art History, Mary attended the Ritz Escoffier Culinary School in Paris. Married and starting a family, Mary moved back to her hometown of Montreal where she worked as an event planner, as well as a food journalist for a French Canadian magazine. Since landing in South Africa in 2005, Mary has worked as a food consultant for the Protea Hotel group, as well as for various upscale South African Bush camps. In her free time Mary can be found making discoveries in the kitchen, tending to her worm farm or climbing Table Mountain.
Learn to Cook Without the Waste
On average, North Americans discard a staggering 40% of the food we buy or grow. 

We all have experienced our fruits and vegetables going bad -- sometimes before you even touch them! So how can you avoid refrigerator rot? 

Mary Rolph Lamontagne developed recipes and meal plans for the most commonly discarded foods and put them all into her new book, EATS: Enjoy All the Seconds.  

Mary provides quick and easy ways to help you reduce food waste, save money and protect the environment, by making sure ALL of the food you buy or grow is used in the healthiest, most delicious ways. 

She also shares quick, easy, money-saving tips we can all implement in our own homes immediately.


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