Hypnobirthing: Why More Women Are Going Natural

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Summary: The hypnobirthing philosophy believes that the mind can overcome discomfort, fear, anxiety, stress, or pain -- all elements of giving birth.
Air Date: 7/22/13
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Colin Christopher, CHT
Colin ChristopherColin Christopher holds a University degree in Genetics as well as a Black Belt in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. His training lineage can be traced back directly to Yip Man himself (Bruce Lee's Master). In fact, Colin is listed in the Wing Chun chronology in the Yip Man Museum in China. Colin's Martial Arts training is an important element in his belief of Mind Over Matter and his Mastery of Hypnosis.

After suffering an accident that caused Colin chronic repetitive injury, he searched and discovered the immediate results of hypnosis. Colin wanted to share the discovery and help others through this same therapy. Through his training, he obtained the professional designation of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Hypnobirthing: Why More Women Are Going Natural
Hypnosis has been brought up in discussions before, but usually with an eye roll or a sigh of disbelief. Recently it has gained popularity in a more unexpected place: the delivery room.

However, this new trend in transition from womb to world doesn't promise a pain-free birth... so why are more women going natural?

Practitioners, some doctors, and even celebrity moms such as, Jessica Alba and Tiffani Thiesian swear by this method. Those who agree with hypnobirthing believe that the mind can overcome any obstacle that presents discomfort, fear, anxiety, stress, or pain, all of which women may feel while giving birth.

Hypnobirthers agree that birthing is a natural function for women, and when a woman is mentally, physically and spiritually at ease, the birthing experience can be a wonderful experience. The hypnobirthing philosophy gives women a more positive, stress-free birthing experience, and in turn gives newborns a calming atmosphere as they enter the world.

Colin Christopher, a clinical hypnotherapist, discusses why more women are going natural, as well as the benefits and success rate of hypnobirthing.


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