Working with an Ex: How to Deal

From the Show: Staying Well
Summary: Breakups are rough in general. But still having to work with your Ex makes it worse.
Air Date: 9/9/13
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Anna Ranieri, MBA, PhD
RanierihighresAnna Ranieri spends her days helping others – whether assisting a client in making a career change, counseling a couple dealing with relationship difficulties, or coaching a CEO in communication skills. She loves the variety of her work and the challenge of learning how to help in each particular situation.

Anna is the co-author of HOW CAN I HELP? What You Can (and Can't) Do to Counsel a Friend, Colleague or Family Member with a Problem. She is also a consultant in organizational development, a career counselor, and a psychotherapist for individuals and couples. The link that brings all her endeavors together is her interest in helping people navigate life's transitions with insight and humor.

In addition to her years of private practice in organizational consulting and psychotherapy, she has also been a senior director at an international human capital consulting group. Anna had prior experience in the fields of marketing and institutional development. She believes that all our varied experiences and skills are grist for the mill when it comes to helping others.

Anna has a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Stanford University, an MBA in Marketing from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and a BA in Literature from Yale University. She is chair of the board of directors of Family and Children Services of Silicon Valley and on the board of directors of the Kronos Quartet. She has been quoted on topics related to personal and professional development, in print, video and online, in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, Psychology Today, Redbook, Women's Health and other media.
Working with an Ex: How to Deal
Dating within the workplace isn’t that uncommon. According to a Career Builder survey, 39 percent of people say they have dated at least one coworker.

In fact, more than 30 percent of couples that meet at their job end up getting married. But what about the relationships that don’t last? The breakup may have been horrible or tough, but there still needs to be a professional approach to dealing with it; especially while at work.

Having to see your former significant other/cube mate around the office, or work on projects together for ten hours a day, five days a week can make going to work dreadful. This, however, doesn’t mean that you need to start resubmitting your resume elsewhere.

Author, career counselor, and psychotherapist for individuals and couples, Dr. Anna Ranieri, MBA, PhD, suggests small steps to not only ease the pain of the heartbreak but also ways to help you maintain your cool while in the presence of your Ex at work. 


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