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Foods that Boost Your Mood

From the show: Staying Well
Brierley Wright, MS, RD
Guest Bio
Guest Bio: Brierley Wright, MS, RD
BWBrierley Wright, M.S., R.D., is the Nutrition Editor of EatingWell Media Group, which includes EatingWell Magazine and, a Meredith Corporation women's lifestyle brand. Brierley oversees all nutrition content across EatingWell's various print, digital and custom platforms.

She writes "Ask Brierley," a column that appears in each issue of EatingWell Magazine, and has contributed to several of EatingWell's award-winning features. She also regularly blogs for and Yahoo!

Brierley has appeared on national and local broadcasts, including TODAY, Access Hollywood Live, Better TV and MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts.
It's in the middle of the afternoon and you've just snapped at a coworker, for no reason.

What just happened?

Crankiness can be a sign of your body needing fuel. 

But before you head to the vending machine for a candy bar pick-me-up, you should know that certain foods are far better to remedy the situation. For instance, your energy need can be fulfilled with a quick fix of peanut butter and apples.

Lack of energy may not be the only issue you're facing. Worrying about deadlines at work or even your relationships at home can consume your daily tasks and interfere with your happiness. To the rescue? Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to lower depression.

In fact, when you're feeling blue or overly anxious, reaching for certain foods has been shown to be just as beneficial (if not more) than medication.

Doctors believe that by substituting unhealthy foods you have been eating (like fried or processed foods) with healthier foods, you can dramatically improve your mood.

Dr. Brierly Wright, MS, RD, shares foods that help boost your mood, as well as why they are beneficial to your health.
  • Original Air Date Monday, 02 December 2013
  • Guest Twitter Account @BrierleyWright
  • Host Melanie Cole, MS

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