Feeling Pressured to Try Anal Sex?

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Summary: At the top of many males' sexual "to-do" lists is partaking in anal sex with their partner; but some women are reluctant to try it. Should you just say no?
Air Date: 12/9/13
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Leanna Wolfe, PhD
Leanna WolfeDr.Leanna Wolfe holds a PhD in Sexology and an MA in Anthropology, and has published numerous scholarly articles and books, as well as conducted in-depth field work on polygamy, polyamory and infidelity all over the world.

Dr. Wolfe produces Sex and Culture Salons at La Casa de Pensamiento Libre in Van Nuys and teaches anthropology at Los Angeles Valley College. She has worked as a lecturer at The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and California State University Los Angeles.

She is a past president of the Southern California Applied Anthropology Network and has been featured widely on television and radio, including the Discovery and A&E networks.
Feeling Pressured to Try Anal Sex?
Heterosexual anal sex has been around for decades, but has recently been rising as a popular sexual experience between heterosexual couples.

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, anal sex in heterosexual couples under the age of 45 has become increasingly more popular over the past few years.

Men have more tendencies to list anal sex on their sexual "to-do" lists than women... but more women have become open-minded than previously thought. In a recent survey, 45 percent of young women said they are more likely to try anal sex with their partners.

If you are feeling pressured to have anal sex, it's important to speak to your partner about your concerns.

Some women are still hesitant because of the various health risks associated with anal sex. For example, the anus doesn't have natural lubrication and penetration can tear tissue inside the anus, allowing bacteria to enter into the bloodstream.

Sexologist, Dr. Leanna Wolfe, PhD, discusses the possible pleasures and pains of trying anal sex, as well as what to do if you're feeling pressured by your partner.


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