Physicians and psychologists estimate that as many as 30% of children may have a sleep disorder at some point during childhood. ... read more
As of March 2014, 25 state governments have not expanded Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). How does this effect the HIV/AIDS population? ... read more
There are several clues your body gives off when your liver is shutting down and is in need of a transplant. ... read more
Joint pain can happen for several reasons and can range from mild to completely unbearable, leaving you unable to perform simple daily activities. ... read more
An estimated 60,000 diabetics undergo amputations annually. What signs and symptoms do you need to look out for? ... read more
Stress can be found in children as much as in adults. How do you know when to step in and help? ... read more
Depending on the shoes you wear, the exercises you do could play a role in your risk for eventual foot or ankle surgery. ... read more
Your smile is an important part of first impressions. If you have cracked, missing, chipped or yellowed teeth, you might consider dentures or veneers. ... read more
Braces aren't just for kids! But what adult wants to have a metal mouth? ... read more

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Melanie Cole, MS Melanie is a practicing exercise physiologist/ personal trainer with a client retention rate of 20+ years. Nearly unheard of in the world of personal trainers. Read more

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