Max Out Your Immune Defenses: The Magic of Medicinal Mushrooms

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Summary: If you’ve had it with over-the-counter drugstore cold and flu remedies that only address your symptoms, it might be time to think “fungi.”
Air Date: 1/10/17
Duration: 25:22
Guest Bio: Jerry Angelini, MS
Jerry-AngeliniJerry Angelini, MS, LRC, LMT, has a private practice as an integrative practitioner and is the Education Director for Host Defense® Organic Mushrooms™.

In his role as an integrative practitioner, Jerry draws from over 30 years of training in various modalities including Western Psychotherapy, Planetary Herbalism (including Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese Clinical Herbalism), Clinical Aromatherapy, NeuroMuscular Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Qi Gong and Tui Na to name a few.

For the past four years, Jerry has been the National Science Educator for Host Defense Organic Mushrooms. Working closely with Dr. Paul Stamets, Hon, Jerry has been teaching and training in the United States and Canada. Reaching out to all levels of learners including medical professionals, retail staff and consumers, the educational opportunities focus on the benefits that various mushroom and herbal preparations can have on our immune functioning as well as our overall health and wellness.

Obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees from Boston University, Jerry built a strong foundation in with alternative health and wellness. Since then, he has explored and developed a working knowledge of various modalities within the health care field. Each successive addition of post-graduate education and certifications deepened his understanding of people’s individual path towards health and balance.

Jerry has taught classes and given scholastic and informational lectures for over 20 years. His audiences include teens, adult learners, professionals and elders, with topics ranging from anatomy and physiology, psycho-educational topics, to herb information classes and herb/drug interactions. Jerry is a delightful and engaging speaker, whose warm and generous demeanor captures any level of learner’s attention and respect.
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Max Out Your Immune Defenses: The Magic of Medicinal Mushrooms
If you’re like most people, you’ll likely find yourself under the weather at least once during this year’s cold and flu season.

But, if you’ve had it with over-the-counter drugstore remedies that only address your symptoms, it might be time to think “fungi.”

Jerry Angelini, MS, joins our new host Lisa Davis to share the immune-boosting secret behind medicinal mushrooms like maitake, reishi, and shiitake.

Turns out these tasty morsels harbor a variety of healing compounds that can help you get well and help you stay well, whether you’re fortifying your defenses against a case of the sniffles or looking to lower your risk of a more serious condition.
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