The Food Shaman

From the Show: Talk Healthy Today
Summary: Eat mindfully and nutritiously while still enjoying what you eat.
Air Date: 4/6/18
Duration: 23:18
Host: Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Michael Fenster, MD
Dr. Mike FensterMichael Fenster, MDThe Food Shaman, is a board-certified interventional cardiologist and professional chef. He currently holds faculty cross appointments at The University of Montana College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences as well as The Missoula College Culinary Arts Program of the Department of Business Technology. In addition to his clinical practice, he hosts the national weekly program, Journeys into Quantum Food with podcasts available at, iheart radio, and iTunes.

Chef Dr. Mike has appeared as an expert guest on many national radio and television programs; including The DoctorsFox Business News, and Fox National News; where he serves as a national contributor. He has taught and explored the relationship between food and health through international workshops, seminars, lectures and cooking demonstrations. As the teacher of the teachers, he has run accredited educational programs for physicians and chefs alike. He currently writes a regular column for Psychology Today and has authored several books; Eating WellLiving Better: A Grassroots Gourmet Guide to Good Health and Great Food (Littlefield and Roman, 2012), The Fallacy of The Calorie: Why The Modern Western Diet is Killing Us and How to Stop It (Koehler Books, 2014) and Ancient Eats: Age-old wisdom for modern health (Volume I: The Greeks and Vikings) (Koehler Books, October 2016). Food Shaman: The Art of Quantum Food (Post Hill Press, June 2018) is his latest endeavor.

He spends his free time between wandering the beautiful Montana mountains and dreaming of the ocean; dreaming of a simple, pirate’s life.
  • Book Title: Food Shaman: The Art of Quantum Food
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  • Guest Twitter Account: @chefdrmike
The Food Shaman
A shaman is known as the “walker between worlds.” This individual would seek out healing information and bring it back to the locals.

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We’re tied to our environment, culture and society. It is reflected in our gut microbiome.

Our physiology hasn’t changed as industry has. We still seek fats, sugars and salts as our ancestors did when hunting mammoths. Avoid seeking those things in processed foods.

Listen as Dr. Mike Fenster joins host Lisa Davis to discuss his latest book.

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