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Fit over 40

Stay fit, active, and injury-free with Dr. Holly's four Ms.

Is Graves Disease the Reason for Your Hyperthyroidism?

Graves disease is one of the most common thyroid disorders and can lead to hyperthyroidism.
Guest: Heather Herington, ND

Do You Suffer from Hunger-Induced Anger?

"Hangry" (pronounced han-gree) is defined as a state of anger caused by a lack of food.
Guest: Sarah Corey, AADP

What Should You Be Eating to Stay Healthy?

With recent headlines and trendy diets, what does it really mean to be healthy?
Guest: Ray Doustdar, CEO Buiced INC

The Hype Surrounding Almond Milk: Is it Really Good for You?

Alternatives to dairy milk have been popping up everywhere, but do you know if they're actually better for your health?

Compliance vs. Adherence: Doing Your Part to Change Your Health

If you know better, should you be doing better?

Acne: Change Your Diet, Heal Your Face

What you're eating today could show up as oily, dry or acne-prone skin six weeks down the road.
Guest: Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

4 Super Foods for Youthful Skin

Superfoods can act as medicine and help your skin look and feel youthful.
Guest: Sarah Corey, AADP

6 Foods to Help You Quit Smoking

Did you know that with the help of certain foods you can rid your body of nicotine faster?

Survival of the Richest: Small Organic Companies vs. Mega Corporations

Do small, local and organic companies even stand a chance?
Guest: David Hawkins, MH, CNC

7 Ways Plastics Damage the Body

Plastic has become extremely unavoidable and could be the reason you're not feeling well.

Natural Treatments for Nighttime Acid Reflux

Is there a reason why you're only experiencing acid reflux at night?
Guest: Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Struggling to Sleep: Is there Too Much Light in Your Bedroom?

Eliminating the amount of light you're exposed to right before bed can drastically improve your sleep.
Guest: Sarah Corey, AADP

The FDA & Your Natural Products

The FDA regulates food and drugs in our country, but what do they have to do with natural products?
Guest: Ray Doustdar, CEO Buiced INC

Fighting the Flu: Tips to Stay Healthy while You’re Sick

The flu season can begin as early as October and peak between January and March.
Guest: Tanya Remer Altmann, MD, FAAP
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