How to Effectively Control Your Glaucoma

From the Show: The Wizard of Eyes
Summary: Learn ways to effectively manage your glaucoma.
Air Date: 11/23/15
Duration: 10
Host: Robert Abel, Jr., MD
Guest Bio: Ravi Patel, MD
Dr. Ravi Patel Dr. Ravi Patel is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist and practices at Atlantic Eye Physicians in Monmouth County, NJ. His practice sub-specializes in corneal disease and refractive surgery. He is currently on the faculty at Wills Eye Hospital where he teaches residents and fellows about the latest options in corneal refractive surgery. His innovative approach with modern technology allows patients a fully customized treatment where there is no one size fits all.
How to Effectively Control Your Glaucoma
One of the country's preeminent eye surgeons, Dr. Ravi Patel, joins host of The Wizard of Eyes, Dr. Robert Abel, to discuss the common surgical options for patients who are losing peripheral vision from glaucoma.

It's important to know that there are choices... instead of continuing to use multiple combinations of eye drops to control intraocular pressure. 

The good news is that glaucoma can be managed if detected early, and that with medical and/or surgical treatment, most people with glaucoma will not lose their sight.
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