Dealing with Dual Sensory Loss

From the Show: The Wizard of Eyes
Summary: Dr. Robert Abel welcomes special guest, Linda Heller, to help bring awareness to duel sensory loss.
Air Date: 2/1/16
Duration: 10
Host: Robert Abel, Jr., MD
Guest Bio: Linda S. Heller, President of Access Health, Aging and Disability Consulting, LLC
Linda HellerLinda Heller has over 20 years of proven clinical, managerial and operational experience for profit and non-profit leadership. She has led and managed international and state health, aging and disability businesses. Ms. Heller currently owns Access Health, Aging and Disability Consulting, LLC, and does consulting for individuals, families, profit and non-profit companies, and organizations in the Delmarva region and currently globally in the British West Indies, South America, Switzerland, and Asia. She has had past consulting projects for the governments of the Phillipines, Thailand, and England and did consulting in Paraguay and Brazil. She has national certifications in the Americans with Disabilities Act, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Aging in Place Specialist, Assistive Technology and other related areas. She serves on a several state boards and councils and has received numerous awards from state and national organizations and companies for her service and contributions to the field including the “First State Award,” the highest civilian award given to a citizen. She also received awards from the Veterans Administration for innovation and as an “Outstanding Employee of the Year.” She is President of the Hearing Loss Association of Delaware. In addition Linda is a rehabilitation audiologist, has hearing loss and has a passion for serving people with disabilities.
Dealing with Dual Sensory Loss
Dual Sensory Loss occurs when someone loses both hearing and sight. People with dual sensory loss are also referred to as deaf-blind.

The circumstances under which a person acquires dual sensory loss differ for each individual, as will the impact on day-to-day life, as well as the lives of family members, caregivers, and others.

A person may compensate with vision as hearing deteriorates and vice versa. 

As the “better” sense also starts to deteriorate, the person may face challenges in adjusting to life with dual sensory loss, experiencing difficulties with communication, everyday tasks in the home, finding out information, and getting out and about safely and confidently.

Host of The Wizard of Eyes, Dr. Robert Abel, Jr., and nationally-recognized HLADE President, Linda Heller, discuss dual sensory loss to bring awareness to the growing population of those with low vision, blindness, and deafness (or being hard of hearing), as well as the resources available and new efforts to help increase information and education to these individuals and families.
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