Drone Racing: Will Your Vision Suffer?

From the Show: The Wizard of Eyes
Summary: Interested in drone racing? It may impact your vision.
Air Date: 6/6/16
Duration: 10
Host: Robert Abel, Jr., MD
Guest Bio: Joshua Fielder
Joshua Fielder 2Joshua Fielder is a long-time gamer, drone racer, and tech enthusiast. He is currently pursuing opportunities in the drone industry and is very active in multiple online communities.
Drone Racing: Will Your Vision Suffer?
According to MyFirstDrone.com, the following is the definition of drone racing:

Drone racing is a sport where drone pilots strive to fly around a set course as fast as possible. Almost all drone races today are done using FPV (First Person View) systems. FPV is a type of drone flying where pilots use cameras to fly drones as if they were sitting in the cockpit. Some pilots fly using FPV monitors, where as others use specialized FPV goggles to give them a more immersive experience.

Drone racer, Joshua Fielder, joins The Wizard of Eyes to ask Dr. Robert Abel advice about why drone racers get vertigo, if monocular or binocular screens are better for your eyes, and exercises you can do to strengthen your eyes.

Listen to learn more about the vision of a drone racer.
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