Emerging CoQ10 Technology Reduces Free Radicals & Oxidative Stress

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: You need healthy mitochondria to eliminate free radicals, prevent oxidation, and keep your skin and organs healthy.
Air Date: 3/18/16
Duration: 10
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Greg Macpherson, CEO of MitoQ
Greg-MacphersonGreg Macpherson is Chief Executive Officer of MitoQ Ltd. He completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy at University of Otago School of Medicine in 1992. Subsequently he has been owner and director of a number of start-up businesses that include New Zealand’s largest residential care services pharmacy, NZ’s first robotic dispensing laboratory, a pharmaceutical wholesaling company and a software development company. He has been a partner and board member of a pharmacy chain associated with one of NZ’s leading retailers. Currently he is a shareholder and director of Pharmacy Direct, NZ’s leading online pharmacy and is CEO at MitoQ Ltd.
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Emerging CoQ10 Technology Reduces Free Radicals & Oxidative Stress
Every cell in your body is powered by small organelles called mitochondria.

They take glucose from the food you eat and oxygen from the air you breathe and convert them into the energy your cells need to keep your organs functioning.

Until now, it was thought that CoQ10 was the best antioxidant for keeping your mitochondria in tip-top shape.

But, a new form of CoQ10 allows the CoQ10 to get into your mitochondrial cells more efficiently.

MitoQ is a Mitochondrial Targeted Antioxidant that delivers antioxidant CoQ directly to your mitochondria, supporting their natural function and restoring their health.

This means they can get on with their job, eliminating free radicals, preventing oxidation, and keeping your skin and organs healthy. And MitoQ does this 847 times more effectively than any other CoQ formulation on the market.

Listen in as Greg Macpherson, CEO of MitoQ, joins Dr. Susanne to share the technology behind this new antioxidant supplement, as well as how it can dramatically improve your health.