Longevity, Well-Being & A Joyful Life

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: Making changes now will affect your future health and happiness.
Air Date: 9/1/17
Duration: 24:31
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Partha Nandi, MD
Dr. Nandi picAs a practicing physician, renowned international speaker, Emmy award-winning host, and author, Dr. Partha Nandi is on a global quest to improve health care quality, access and advocacy.

His mission: empower the world "To Be Your Own Health Hero."

Aside from being the creator and host of the talk show Ask Dr. Nandi, he also serves as the Chief Health Editor at WXYZ-TV (ABC) Detroit.
  • Book Title: ASK DR. NANDI: 5 Steps to Becoming your Own Health Hero for Longevity, Well-being, and a Joyful Life
  • Guest Facebook Account: www.facebook.com/AskDrNandi
  • Guest Twitter Account: @AskDrNandi
Longevity, Well-Being & A Joyful Life
We are all-go, no-stop as a society. This is affecting our happiness and longevity.

You have to advocate for your own health and your best life.

Five Steps to Living Your Best Life

  1. Have a sense of purpose. Keep this in mind for any goal you have.
  2. Eat mindfully.
  3. Move with purpose. Skip the fad workouts. Stick to the stuff you enjoy.
  4. Cultivate your mind. Mindfulness, meditation and prayer work well for people to destress their minds.
  5. Have a tribe. Life is more enjoyable when you have people join you on your journey.
On a microscopic level, the killers in your body are decreased when your life is more joyful. Your cortisol levels drop and your body is less stressed. The fight or flight response is decreased.

To achieve your best health, monitor your body and its responses regularly. Don’t wait until your annual exam to take note of your body’s health statistics and how you feel.

Treating your body well now will serve your future health.

Listen as Dr. Partha Nandi joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to share how to improve the rest of your life.
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