Benefits of Infrared Sauna

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: How can infrared energy help your body heal?
Air Date: 9/15/17
Duration: 28:48
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Robby Besner, CEO & Founder of Therasage
Robby BesnerTherasage founder and driving passion for developing health devices and applied sciences is Robby Besner.

Mr Besner, as Chief Executive Officer of Therasage, is a seasoned entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. Born in New York, Mr. Besner brings together the best of his birthplace, his New England education, and his innate skills that enable him to envision the enormous potential in what was only a niche market, then research the potential and develop products to fill and expand the niche with global marketing success.

Educated at Boston University, Robby was granted a Bachelor of Science degree. His coursework at Boston University included studies in pre-med, psychology, biology and business administration. He followed-up his undergraduate studies in biology and anatomy at Case Western University’s Graduate School in Cleveland Ohio.

His more than 30-year experience in strategic planning, coupled with comprehensive financial, manufacturing and management expertise, underscores his success as an executive officer and director of several healthcare companies.

Robby Besner, is the driving force behind the applied science and technology development of all of Therasage’s innovative products. He is on the Education Committee of the prestigious, world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, invited to speak and educate, as an approved CEU presenter, at many Wellness Centers around the world, Medical Conferences, Weight Loss practices, Anti-Aging groups, Fitness Forums, Infusion centers, Toxicology practices, Wound Care clinics, as well as on-air health shows. He is also a distinguished annual contributor at the World Committee on Infrared and has been appointed to a four-year tenure with Specialty Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.
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Benefits of Infrared Sauna
Infrared energy comes from the sun. It’s part of the electromagnetic spectrum and is considered the most beneficial element of the sun’s energy. It can help with your health and wellness.

Infrared rays are easily absorbed by the body. These rays can easily penetrate dense tissue like muscles. They resonate at the same wave frequency as the water contained inside the human body. Muscles are warmed and blood flow increases.

If you can’t get the benefits of infrared energy from daylight, consider visiting an infrared sauna.

Listen as infrared sauna expert Robby Besner joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss developments and health benefits of infrared technology.