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Improve Your Doctor-Patient Relationship

Peter Ubel, author
Guest Bio
Guest Bio: Peter Ubel, author
Dr. Peter Ubel is a physician and a behavioral scientist at Duke University. He is the author of three previous books: Pricing Life (MIT Press, 2000); You're Stronger Than You Think (McGraw-Hill, 2006); and Free Market Madness: Why Human Nature is at Odds with Economics--and Why It Matters (Harvard Business Press, 2009). He has contributed to The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Psychology Today, and The New England Journal of Medicine , among other publications.
Tune in to physician and behavioral scientist Peter Ubel, author of Critical Decisions. Ubel reveals how hidden dynamics in the doctor-patient relationship can keep you from making the best medical choices. From not knowing your options to poor doctor's instructions, countless factors can alter the course of your care.

Through his research and personal experiences, Ubel provides insight from both sides of the stethoscope. He explains how patients and doctors can become partners and work together to make the right medical decisions. His book will help you discover the tools to improve communication, understand the issues, and make the right choices for your future health and happiness.

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  • Original Air Date Saturday, 15 September 2012
  • Book Title CRITICAL DECISIONS: How You and Your Doctor Can make the Right Medical Choice Together
  • Host Dr. Michael Roizen, MD

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