Be Brave! (And Healthy) Try These Foods

Anthony Bourdain ("Parts Unknown" on CNN) and Andrew Zimmerman ("Bizarre Foods" on the Travel Channel) made their careers by eating exotic - and sometimes hard to swallow - foods. Zimmerman says the 10-year-old tofu at Taiwan's House of Unique Stink (that's its name!) is horrific, and Bourdain admits Icelandic fermented shark, hakarl, is revolting.

But just because you haven't heard of a food, doesn't mean it's to be avoided. There are unusual taste treats out there that deliver a mouthful of good-for-you goodness.

Meet Kalettes. This cross between kale and Brussels sprouts is NOT genetically modified, just an old-fashioned hybrid that's created mini sprouts surrounded by small kale-like leaves. They deliver 120 percent of your daily vitamin K and 40 percent of vitamin C in every 1 1/2 cups, and are good roasted, in soups and steamed.

Hello Broccoli Sprouts. These aren't just tasty (a slightly bitter, very green flavor), they're loaded with the enzyme myrosinase. The Cleveland Clinic says that's an essential partner to broccoli's other powerful component, sulforaphane, the cancer fighter. Combine broccoli sprouts with broccoli, and you'll boost sulforaphane absorption by 50 percent.

Welcome Khorasan Wheat. This ancient grain delivers a lot more nutrition - especially selenium, zinc and magnesium - than today's wheat. A study in the Journal of European Clinical Nutrition found eating khorasan wheat improved folks' metabolic, lipid, antioxidant and inflammatory blood profiles. It's sold under the Kamut brand. You can use it to make homemade pasta or buy khorasan-containing products, like cereals, pastas and breads online and in health-food and grocery stores.

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