Great Results From Short-Term Weight Training

Actor/comedian Alec Baldwin started a strict weight-loss plan after learning he was prediabetic. With the help of his wife, Hilaria, Baldwin cut out most sugar and started a daily exercise regimen that included spin classes and Pilates. He also took up weight-bearing exercise - by lifting his toddler, Rafael, up and down until he broke a sweat.

Research suggests the actor was onto something. A new study highlights the positive health effects of a short-duration, high-intensity resistance exercise training program in overweight men. Guys, that's most of you. Stats show that more than 73 percent of U.S. males are overweight or obese!

In the study, published in Experimental Physiology, men underwent a six-week training program that consisted of three 15-minute exercise sessions weekly. Each training session included one set of nine standard resistance exercises, such as leg presses and bicep curls, enough to leave participants fully spent.

The researchers found that these short bouts of tough exercise were as effective in increasing muscle mass and function as 45-minute resistance workouts, and they improved insulin sensitivity, important for battling prediabetes and diabetes, by 16 percent!

So, guys and gals, if you're trying to manage diabetes and shed a few pounds, consider doing 15 minutes with weights and/or stretch bands three times weekly. For weights, start with two- to five-pound hand weights, or grab two cans from your pantry, then work up to lifting a nearby toddler! It's a great way to exercise in front of the television, maybe even during one of Baldwin's comedic impersonations!

© 2019 Michael Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet Oz, M.D.
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