Diagnosing Fatty Liver Disease Early

In ancient Mesopotamia, it was thought that the shape, size and texture of the liver of a slaughtered sheep could reveal divine insights into an individual's problems.

Of course, these days we know that the appearance of our liver (no slaughter needed!) provides insight into our health. One of the biggest tells is the damaging accumulation of fatty deposits in the organ itself.

What causes fatty liver disease? In the past it was mostly associated with excessive alcohol consumption, but these days many people develop nonalcoholic fatty liver disease because of a lack of physical activity and a diet high in fat and sugar. Less commonly, there may be a genetic predisposition.

NAFLD affects about 100 million adults in America and, shockingly, about 34 percent of obese children. That's up from less than 5 million adults and less than 1 percent of children in 1990. Our genes haven't changed since then, but our food choices have.

However, early detection can help reverse the condition. That's why researchers are proposing that anyone with extra weight around their middle (visceral abdominal fat), as well as those with insulin resistance or Type 2 diabetes, be screened for NAFLD. Initially, it involves an ultrasound of your liver. If it shows fat deposits, you should see a specialist.

Losing just 5 percent of your weight can reduce the fat in your liver by up to 30 percent! So get in your 10,000 daily steps, eat a plant-centric diet with no red or processed meats, and ditch added sugars and syrups. Now you're liv(er)ing!

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