Complications Of Depression

In January 2010, two players for the New York Knicks came up with a very complicated excuse for lousy play. After they lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder 106 to 88, Jared Jeffries and Eddy Curry claimed they were off their game because they were staying in a genuinely haunted hotel and had had only two hours of sleep.

Complications, like a haunted hotel, can put you off your game, of that there's no doubt. However, when it comes to medical problems, complications are far more real and threatening than apparitions. These complications can make it much harder to treat any condition effectively. Just think how vision, nerve, gastro and heart complications make it harder to manage diabetes!

Now, a new study reveals how depression-associated complications can make it much harder to manage major depressive disorder, especially for the 10% to 30% of people who don't respond to anti-depressive medications. Breakthrough research published in Nature assessed risk factors between depression and 925 diseases, and found that depression is a genetic cause of 20 potential comorbidities. They include respiratory, heart and digestive diseases such as asthma, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, esophagitis, gastroenteritis, E. coli infections and urinary system disorders.

According to the researchers from the Australian Centre for Precision Health, this is a clear signal that if you're diagnosed with depression, you should also be screened for these conditions so that you can be treated, if needed. That, they say, will lead to much better outcomes in managing depression, something that is desperately needed.

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