4 Ways You Can Help Your Children Achieve Success in Life & Work

Posted On Sunday, 26 June 2016
4 Ways You Can Help Your Children Achieve Success in Life & Work

As parents, we always want to make sure that our children are set up for success, both in life and the work they pursue. While we cannot guide them entirely, we can instill certain habits and traits that will allow them to create success in both their personal and professional lives.

In my book, The Powers, I highlight several tips for helping our children tap into their own personal powers and how they can create extraordinary experiences in whatever they pursue.

Know Your Real Potential
Self-knowledge and self-realization is the key to success. Teaching your children to expand on their strengths and work on their weaknesses through developed discipline will allow them to know where they stand and what needs to change for them to get to the place they want to be.

Become a “Doer”
Teaching your children that they are capable of making a difference is crucial. Assess the situation and how you can make it better. This allows them to stand out and feel good about their earned successes.

Teach Your Children to Develop “Distinctive Competence”
If your child is naturally a “doer” or is able to hone in on the discipline to become one, they can become experts at whatever they want to pursue. This will allow them to stand out in personal and professional situations… feeling appreciated, building self-confidence and a growing network of those who appreciate these skills.

Tap into Your Own Superpowers
Like the super heroes your children idolize on the big screen, they too can take on the traits that make these larger than life characters both human and powerful:
  • Identify and stick to your mission.
  • Do good and be mindful of those around you.
  • Identify a sense of purpose and put it into action.
  • Do not give up on your goals – ever. Your children have never seen Superman quit.
  • Have passion for whatever you are pursuing.

Whether it is learning to balance a busy schedule, getting a good grade on a test, or having the confidence to work through peer pressure and their social circle, having your child know their self-worth and what they offer to any situation will teach them a standard of going for the best and knowing how to get there.

The best teaching method is by example. When you show them how you use your own superpowers to achieve your goals, they will never forget.

Mark Erwin

Mark Erwin is the President of Erwin Capital, Inc., Board Member of the Council of American Ambassadors, Former U.S. Ambassador and author of The Powers: 12 Principles to Transform Your Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary (Skyhorse, June 28, 2016).

Born in Coral Gables, Florida, Mark’s opportunities to learn from difficult experiences started early, being born to a mother from a wealthy family. Struggling with mental health issues, Mark’s mother had lost nearly all of her wealth and they had gone from “riches to rags.” During his teen years, Mark began rebelling and was expelled from high school.

Mark’s life was transformed when in 1961 at the age 16 he was arrested for forging checks on his mother’s account. Given the choice of going to jail for four years or enlisting in the military, Mark served in the United States Air Force. With newfound discipline and determination, Mark decided to turn his life around.

After studying for four years at the University of Tennessee, Mark began his real estate career at United Parcel Service as a real estate manager in 1969. Deciding to branch out and work for himself, Mark created a property development and investment company in 1978. Through this, Mark developed shopping centers, offices and residential, while also acquiring investment properties. In 1982 he and a partner created Crosland Erwin Associates in Charlotte, NC, and went on to develop several million square feet of commercial and mixed use projects. In 1991, Mark sold his interest in the development company to his partner and created Erwin Capital, Inc. to hold his family investments.

Mark went on to serve the Clinton Administration in two positions. President Clinton first appointed him to the Board of Directors of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. He was later asked to serve as United States Ambassador to a regional embassy serving the Republic of Mauritius, the Republic of the Seychelles and the Federal Islamic Republic of Comoros.

Ambassador Erwin has served on the boards of over thirty-five civic, charitable, and educational organizations. He was an Adjunct Professor at the Business School of Winthrop University for several years. He received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Winthrop University as well as the “Order of the Long Leaf Pine” from the Governor of North Carolina. Mark was also ordained as a Minister of the Methodist Church. Over the years he has been awarded several honorary knighthoods.

An author, his books include Life’s Lessons: Lines of Wisdom from a Faithful Stream, and Headed Home: Providences of Laughter, Love and Joy, both of which he co-authored with renowned artist Bob Timberlake, and The Practical Ambassador: A Common Sense Guide for United States Ambassadors, which is now part of the curriculum of the Foreign Service Institute at the State Department. His memoir, An Unlikely Journey, is based on his personal story of overcoming early disaster to pursue a life filled with adventure and success.

Mark’s upcoming release, The Powers: 12 Principles to Transform Your Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary, will provide readers with insight into recognizing the powers within them and how to use these powers to achieve extraordinary results in their chosen paths. The book will also provide many examples of ordinary people who have harnessed their own powers to achieve the extraordinary.

He and his wife, Joan, maintain a residence in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have two daughters, Jennifer and Melissa, and four grandchildren, Della, Lila, Virginia and Thomas Erwin Highsmith. When not working, Mark is an avid golfer and also enjoys continuing his travels.

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