8 Natural & Effective Ways to Lower Your Daily Stress

Posted On Thursday, 04 January 2018
8 Natural & Effective Ways to Lower Your Daily Stress

Stress and anxiety are all too common for nearly everyone. In recent times, 70% of adults in the United States share that they experience stress and anxiety on a daily basis. While some may come to accept the angst as normal, there are effective ways to address it.

1) Exercise and Yoga

One of the most effective ways to fight daily stress is by exercising. Performing a few fitness routines daily can be incredibly helpful, as exercise lessens the production of stress hormones. And, exercising can significantly help you increase endorphin levels, aka your “happy hormones.” A brisk 30-minute walk or jog in the morning is enough to raise your feel-good hormones.

The same is true for yoga, as it enhances your mental health. Start with some easy yoga routines and focus on your stretching as well.

2) Nutrient-Dense Diet

If you’re restricting calories, your weight loss plans may not be wholly efficient, especially if you want to lessen daily stress. Try opting for a nutrient-dense diet plan instead. A balanced diet will improve overall physical and mental health.

Aim for more green leafy vegetables and fruits with edible peelings like apples and pears. Lean protein and nuts are also great nutrient sources.

3) Green Tea

The health benefits of drinking green tea regularly are already established when it comes to lowering stress levels. The essence and components of green tea are largely helpful in calming your stress hormones.

Drinking a cup of green tea upon waking will do much to get you through your day. Drink this tea before and after your meals for added benefit.

4) Mood-Boosting Foods

Stress and anxiety largely affect your mood. And, vice versa, negative energy can have a huge impact on your stress. It’s time to consume some mood-boosting foods. These kinds of foods are not only healthy, but they are filled with nutrients and ingredients that can lighten up your mood. Great examples are protein-rich foods and whole grains.

On the other hand, junk foods and unhealthy consumables will not only degrade your health but can also make you more stressed and depressed.

5) Positive Self Talk

It may sound strange, but it is proven that talking to yourself can elicit a positive impact. If you are feeling stressed and sad, self-affirmation is helpful. Thoughts and conversations that focus on positive attributes and ideas can relieve your current stresses.

Try this positive self-talk every time you feel down and stressed. Take a deep breath and speak to yourself as if you are encouraging someone else to cheer up and move forward. Things like “You’ll get there” or “Everything’s going to be alright and it will be all worth it” can significantly ease the burden of stress.

6) Limited Internet & Cell Phone Use

Current technology is very much available today, and even though it adds convenience within daily chores and responsibilities, there is no doubt to that too much exposure can make you feel even more stressed and depressed. More time scrolling through social media platforms means more access to certain stress points.

Know your limits. Try to set a specific time limit per day of gadget usage. Start by not checking your phone immediately upon waking.


The most natural stress reliever is sleep. Proper rest can detoxify your mind from negative thoughts. Too little sleep will only make you irritable and impatient the next day. The same is true for getting too much sleep at night, which can actually cause you to feel even more exhausted.

Try to find balance in your sleep habits. Six to eight hours of sleep every night will help energize both your mind and body properly. Moreover, getting enough sleep can stave off anxiety attacks.

8) Meditation

Another natural stress reliever is meditation. This ancient practice garners some of the same benefits as rest, but is more acutely focused on your mental health. Meditating daily, especially in the morning, will allow you to feel more calm and peaceful both inside and out throughout your day. The calmer your mind is, the more positivity you will attract.

Stress is always going to exist. However, you don’t have to be its victim. Try these natural methods for addressing and managing its existence.

Michael Morelli

Michael Morelli is a fitness and nutrition writer who loves to write on various health and fitness topics. He believes exercise is essential in order to boost metabolism and improve overall health. In his articles, he also extrapolates on how a proper diet helps in your weight loss plans.

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