7 Tips to Keep Firm in a Marriage Relationship

Posted On Monday, 19 March 2018
7 Tips to Keep Firm in a Marriage Relationship

You’re deeply in love with your partner –- and you always see your marriage as one of the best things that happened in your lifetime. 

You picture yourself and the love of your life living a happy life together and want your marriage to stay as strong as possible. 

For that reason alone, here are the seven tips to remember to keep firm in a marriage relationship. 

1) Know How To Fight Well

When you’re arguing with your partner, everything about it seems to escalate, especially when one of you makes a disrespectful remark against the other. Fighting is an expected part of every relationship, and as such, you both should be able to know how to handle it. A psychologist and couples therapist in Oakland, C.A., Daniel Wile, Ph.D., is aware that fighting is the problem faced by all couples. As something that every pair in a relationship will face, successfully addressing and overcoming each argument is essential to maintain a firm partnership. Similarly, heated arguments which remain unresolved are one of the causes of a couple’s break-up. 

When you don’t know how to fight well, you and your partner will end up destroying each other’s emotional well-being. Effective fighting is all about how you stick with the issue at hand and how you respect each other’s opinions. That way, you’ll prevent tension from intensifying. So, it’s always best when you open up with the problem softly and without finger-pointing. Learn how to fix and close your arguments at the proper time. Don’t let the anger get the best of you and just fight as if there’s no tomorrow. If you notice that both of you are raising your voices, it means that it’s time to take a break and resolve the problem when you’re both calm.

2) Dream Of A Shared Life Together 

Marriage is a permanent union between two people. It’s a union of becoming one in sharing your life together. It should be a life that you’ve always dreamed of. Here, both of you are feeling the value of oneness in every decision you make. With the same vision in life, you can better plan your future together and share your goals, dreams and aspirations as a couple. In fact, a marriage and family therapist in New York, Jane Greer, Ph.D., said that “successful couples develop a mindfulness of ‘us,’” a couple that works together to achieve shared dreams will typically have a stronger relationship as a result. 

3) Always Maintain A Sexual Connection

In marriage, sexual activity between couples is essential in making the relationship firm. Sex is not just a physical act, but it is part of every couple’s emotional well-being. When you’re igniting your sexual connection with each other, you’re also making your relationship stronger. You’ll maintain that kind of sexual passion that connects you – and by doing so, you’ll also have a sex life that surpasses almost anything that affects your marriage. So, don’t neglect your sex life and work towards keeping each other happy in bed. 

4) Respect Each Other’s Differences

Not all couples share the same needs and wants in life. Both of you are still human beings with distinct characteristics and personalities – and you should not forget that. Although you’re beginning a married life together, there are still times that you’re bound to respect each other’s differences. Situations may arise where you’ll have a different perspective on matters at hand and to your partner and these circumstances can make your marriage shaky. That’s why it’s encouraged that you talk and listen to each other’s side, and be sure that both of you have an influence in all of your decisions made as a couple. 

5) Know How To Balance Time 

When you’re talking about time, it’s about making time for yourself alone and time to spend with each other. Having a happy marriage is not just about only spending time together. As you start living a married life, your sense of togetherness also changes over time – and may require a balance shift. Things that you usually do, like having a dinner date outside, watching movies together, and holding hands while walking may not happen more often but it does not mean that you’re no longer connected to your partner. That’s why you have to learn how to balance time so that neither partner feels that they are taken for granted. Besides, every couple has its way of keeping their closeness intact.

6) Treat Your Partner As Your Best Friend 

Married couples can and should be the best of friends. The trust, intimacy, and confidence of your friendship has the potential to transcend conflicts. Just like in a friendship, when you’re feeling low, you have your partner to comfort you. When you want a shoulder to cry on, your partner is always there to support you. You can always count on each other as you have each other’s back – and that way, you know that you’re respected by your partner, and you see each other’s importance in your lives.

7) Resolve A Major Challenge Together With A More Positive Mind

When times get tough, and a major challenge is coming your way to test your marriage, you just have to face it with positivity. Don’t make the hassle of a crisis ruin your married life. Find time to resolve the problem together with positive vibes. Use the chaos to be closer to your partner. If necessary, go together to seek help, talk with experts like those at Endeavour Wellness to help get your relationship back on track. Treat those hard times as your way of making your marriage relationship tighter so that even the most stressful situation in life will never pull you apart.

If you want to keep firm in your marriage relationship, remember and keep these seven tips. After all, marriage is about sharing each other’s lives, building a family and winning all the trials. Just keep the love burning. Continue to love each other and cherish every moment you have with your partner. That way, you’re investing a lot of positivity to your marriage.

Joel Curtis

Joel Curtis is a registered Psychologist with Endeavour Wellness and has over 17 years of experience. Joel holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Western Sydney University. Joel owns a number of private practices in Sydney and provides expert content for several national TV and Radio programs.

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