3 Things You Can Do to Make 2019 the Year of Health

Posted On Friday, 25 January 2019
3 Things You Can Do to Make 2019 the Year of Health

Now that 2019 is in full swing, it’s time to take a look at where you stand regarding your health goals for the year. Statistics show that 80 percent of people fail their New Year’s resolutions by February.

If you’ve stuck to the plan so far this year, congratulations! Keep going. But if you’ve already given up, this is your simple three-step plan to get back on track.

1) Eat Healthy Meals
Start by recommitting to healthy eating in 2019. You don’t necessarily have to take out a loan to purchase fancy meal services or eat at all-organic four-star restaurants. An easy and affordable place to start is to simply cook meals at home using whole foods like fresh vegetables and lean cuts of beef, chicken and pork. Follow some basic meal prep practices by cooking in large batches and freezing individual portions for later on in the month.

2) Invest in Fitness
Anyone can say that they’ll go to the gym or “exercise more.” But, something magical happens when you put your money where your mouth is and hire professionals to keep you on track. If lifting weights is your thing, sign up for monthly sessions with a personal trainer. If you prefer cardio, sign up for a bike race and join group training classes to get you up to speed. Investing in your health and involving an outside party will help you stay on track to reach your fitness goals.

3) Give Your Body Rest
A lot of people give up on their health goals because they simply become overwhelmed and burn out from the extra activity and stress. Avoid this problem by giving your mind and body the extra rest they need. If you aren’t getting a solid eight hours of sleep every night, back off on the caffeine in the evening, set an alarm to remind you to go to bed early, and then start hitting the sack on time. It might take a couple of weeks, but soon you’ll adjust to the new schedule and start waking up feeling refreshed and energized.

You don’t have to be just another statistic. Let everyone else around you give up on their goals if they want, but you are not a quitter. Get right back on track and take some small steps toward a healthier YOU in 2019. You don’t have to try to impress anyone with big, crazy plans. If you just make small improvements in your diet, activity levels and sleep patterns, then your health will gradually improve on autopilot.

Dixie Somers

Dixie Somers is a freelance writer who loves to write for business, health, home, and women’s interests. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters.

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