Contact Lenses vs. Eyeglasses: Which Are Best for You?

Posted On Saturday, 25 May 2019
Contact Lenses vs. Eyeglasses: Which Are Best for You?

When it comes to vision correction, choosing between eyeglasses and contact lenses is solely a matter of your personal preferences.

When making this decision, you’ll take into account several factors. For example, you’ll consider your budget, your lifestyle, the aesthetics of the two, as well as the comfort each of them brings. And, although generally one isn’t actually better than the other, when it comes to your individual needs, you should opt for the version that suits you better.

Here are some of the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

The Width of Vision
When you’re choosing whether to wear eyeglasses or lenses, the width of your vision is certainly a very important factor. Since eyeglasses can be somewhat problematic in this field, contacts could be considered a better option. Namely, the standard position of eyeglasses puts them about 12mm away from your eyes. This means that your peripheral vision can be somewhat compromised and a bit distorted.

Furthermore, some people have a problem with eyeglass frames, since those can be a visual obstacle, cutting a line through your vision. On the other hand, contact lenses sit perfectly on your eye curvature, which gives you a wider vision field and better focus, with fewer possible obstructions. Finally, there are people who complain of blurry vision and problems with focus when they start wearing new eyeglasses, which shouldn’t happen with contacts.

Lifestyle Requirements
If you’re an energetic person who likes to spend all their free time being physically active, doing things like rock climbing, playing team sports or swimming, eyeglasses can prove to be a completely wrong option. They could come in the way of your freedom of movement and could hold you back from some activities you enjoy. So, if you’re an athletic type, you might feel much more comfortable with contact lenses.

Unlike glasses, they will stay in their place when your head and eyes move, so you don’t have to worry about them falling and getting damaged when you’re running, playing volleyball or riding a roller coaster. Plus, if your activity of choice requires you to wear some sort of safety gear like a helmet or goggles, eyeglasses can be quite obstructive, whereas you won’t really have any problems with contacts.

Looks and Style
Aesthetically speaking, both contact lenses and eyeglasses have their charm and can be equally appealing. Again, this all comes down to your preferences. Nowadays you can choose from an incredibly wide range of frames and find the exact ones which would reflect your personality and complement your overall style. This means that you can use your eyeglasses to make a fashion statement, and as bold one as you’d like. On the other hand, if you don’t find glasses appealing, you can easily opt for contact lenses instead.

They will make it easier to put on and show off your eye makeup, they will never mismatch your outfit and they will allow you to wear more jewelry without looking like you’ve overdone it. In addition to all of this, you can now buy captivating premium contact lenses online which come in different colors, so that you can change your eye color for a while. The changes can be natural and discrete, but they can also be daring and vivid to fit your wild style.

Eye Sensitivity
Before you opt for wearing contact lenses, you should probably have an eye checkup to see if your eyes are too sensitive for them, since sometimes contacts can worsen the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. This is due to the lower amount of oxygen that can reach your eyes when wearing them, and in this case, eyeglasses could be a better option, since they won’t contribute further to the issue. Also, applying lenses is a touchy process, where you can end up poking your own eye without actually placing the lenses in the perfect spot, which doesn’t happen with eyeglasses.

However, this is a problem that can lessen in time, as you practice and gain experience. Furthermore, contact lenses have to be maintained and their case cleaned daily. This is something you have to be seriously committed to, since otherwise you could end up with an eye infection. Fortunately, if you’re not a fan of eyeglasses, you can avoid this maintenance process if you get daily disposable lenses.

The Practicality of the Choice
There are always some practical reasons to take into account when choosing what to improve your vision with. For instance, there are some jobs that require you to move around from one place to another, entering buildings and leaving them many times every day. If you do this while wearing glasses, you’ll come across the problem of condensation which can blur your vision. Also, if it’s raining outside, there will probably be a bunch of raindrops just standing there in front of your eyes, annoying you beyond imaginable.

Furthermore, once you put your contacts in, the chance of them falling out is slimmer than slim, while those who wear glasses know how many times they’ve spun around their homes and offices looking for their vision aid. In these cases, you’ll be much less irritated if you simply get contact lenses.

So, these are your cons and pros. Now, simply make the best decision you can and go shopping.

Luke Douglas

Luke Douglas is a fitness and health blogger at and a great fan of the gym and a healthy diet. He follows the trends in fitness, gym and healthy life and loves to share his knowledge through useful and informative articles.


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