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Kathleen Barnes

Kathleen Barnes

Kathleen Barnes is a passionate natural health advocate, author, writer and publisher who has devoted nearly 40 years to educating the public about healthy living. She is an unusually versatile writer with experience as a journalist in print, broadcast and online media and as an author, editor and publisher with 20 books to her credit as well as coaching clients through health, career and relationship transformations for more than three decades.

She is author, co-author and editor of 20 books, most of them on natural health subjects. Her passion for natural health and sustainable living has its roots in the early days of the natural health movement.

Kathleen is a regular blogger on her website. Her articles are regularly published in Natural Awakenings magazine.

She also owns a publishing company, Take Charge Books that offers a unique model of publishing that encourages first time authors and any author who wants to publish a book in a conscious manner.

Tired of Being Tired?

Tuesday, 17 November 2015
Tired of Being Tired?

Kathleen Barnes, guest from the “Food is Medicine” series, has answers to these questions and more:

Do you wake up feeling like you’ve never been asleep? Do you lie awake at night?

Do you feel fuzzy-headed and are prone to headaches, muscle aches, and general pains?

These symptoms are part of a basket of maladies that might be chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). They could also describe hypothyroidism or adrenal fatigue.